People love diets but are they good for our health? – write a discursive composition.

Ludzie uwielbiają diety, ale czy są one dla nas zdrowe? Napisz rozprawkę.

In today’s world of fashion and health magazines nearly everybody should be going through one of the popular diets. If one wants to be healthy or slim and fit, there is no other option than using one of the trendiest ways of loosing weigh.

Some people claim that diets are the only method to keep us in a right healthy shape. This is also the factor that makes us remember about our body and its needs. If we eat properly balanced food we nourish our body with vegetables, fruit, meat and carbohydrates in appropriate proportions.

However, people, and especially fashion magazines victims, do not only want to be healthy. They want to be slim, slimmer than they already are. That is why they keep looking for new revolutionary diets that will make them look like movie star. It is easy to change the way of eating from vegetables into fruit or from dairy products into slim fast cartons. The problem is that it is not healthy for our stomach. People forgot that the word ‘diet’ means ‘the food we eat’ not the way of loosing weight.

In the world where one third of population is undernourished and suffers famine, it is hard to believe that the rest of the world spends time making up new diets as this is the only way that can make us happier. It seems to me that we lost proportions and forgot about really important things in life. That is why diets and all the fashion around it appears to be one of the most ridiculous things in the world.

undernourished – niedożywiony, źle odżywiany
nourish – odżywiać, żywić
carbohydrates – węglowodany
famine – głód, klęska głodu