The world is changing fast. What scientific developments we could see in the next few years? Discuss.

Świat zmienia się szybko. Jakie dokonania naukowe możemy zobaczyć za kilka lat? Napisz rozprawkę.

The world spins around and scientists around it are involved in experiments that are useful and important but some of them work on dangerous and even useless projects.

First of all, recent developments in understanding of the brain could have enormous implications for our future. Linking information technology with brain research enabled paralysed people to use electrical activity of the brain to move cursor on computer screen. If scientists continue research on this field it could have enormous value for disabled people; only if scientists use their imagination and sponsor’s money wisely enough.

In case of exploring the space people waste heaps of money. Researchers do not want to believe that we are unique and try to prove that there is life on other planets. If people go on burning money in space there will be less and less money for more important fields such as medical research. Space explorers do not notice that the number of people on the Earth is rising at a rapid rate and one of the worst dangers we face are diseases not aliens. People should be able to understand how to cure what endangers them and save lives.

What is more, scientists should understand that progress does not always need advanced technology. Even our today’s lives are technically overcomplicated. What is scary we cannot breathe without our latest technical gadgets and we forget there are always brand new waiting to be introduced. In my opinion sometimes we should go backwards to go forwards.