Travel still broadens the mind but not as much as it used to.

Never has this been more obvious* that we know almost everything about the world that surrounds us. What is more, if we do not, we can simply check it on the Internet. Still, we like traveling because nothing can broaden our mind like a real journey. Some say that you will not understand a thing until you experience it. This is the best recommendation for traveling.

Furthermore, owning to advanced technology we can reach every chosen place we want easily. Finally, we can prepare ourselves perfectly for the journey, because there are plenty of sources ready to supply information about our destination place: travel agencies, guides, the Internet, other people.

However, such situation where every location we want to visit has already been explored tells us a lot about the world. While it is clear that we can get to every place on the Earth, it also means that the world has become a global village and there is not much room for a real adventure. By XXI century everything has already been discovered and said about the world. That is why whatever we want to know can be provided within the reach of our hand.

In conclusion, travel can still broaden our mind because every time we travel we see spectacular places and we meet interesting people. It still teaches us about life and other cultures, but there is not much to discover and not much to be surprised by left.

  • never has this been more obvious – nigdy nie było to bardziej oczywiste
  • surround – otaczać
  • surrounded by – otoczony przez
  • simply – po prostu
  • still – jednak
  • furthermore – co więcej
  • oning to – dzięki czemuś, komuś, zawdzięczając
  • plenty of – duża ilość
  • supply – dostarczać
  • While it is clear that…, it also means – gdy oczywiste wydaje się że…, oznacza to również
  • explore – odkrywać (nowe miejsca)