We recognize the true value of people best when they are put to the test. What does this statement mean to you?

An old saying goes „Action speaks louder than words” and for this reason only actions can tell us something about people. Seeing that we value people not for what we imagine about them but for what we have already acknowledged about them.

Furthermore, I am inclined to agree with an English proverb „A friend in need is a friend indeed”. The only true friend is the one that stood by you when you had a hard time in your life. This is my understanding of the word „the test”. The only way we can test people is by asking them to help us. It is easy to be somebody’s friend in good times but it is challenging to stay with one on gloomy days.

What is more, the same rule we should apply when considering ourselves. We cannot say anything certain about us until we prove it when dealing with hardships of everyday life. This is how an everlasting question of being good, bad, being conformist or opportunist arises. To answer it we have to check it.

All things considered, I agree with the statement that we recognize the true value of people best when they are put to the test. It appears to me that we can say about us as much as we know, and we know as much as we have been tested.

  • as old saying goes – jak mówi stare powiedzenie
  • value – wartość ,cenić sobie coś
  • acknowledged about – dowiedzieć się
  • furthermore – ponadto
  • I am inclined to agree with… – jestem skłonny /muszę zgodzić się z…
  • stand by somebody – być przy kimś
  • gloomy days – ciężkie chwile
  • what is more – co więcej
  • apply a rule – zastosować w praktyce zasadę
  • certain – pewne
  • prove – udowadniać
  • hardships – trudności
  • everlasting – wieczny, nieustanny, zawsze obecny
  • all things considered – biorąc wszystko pod uwagę