Various ecosystems are being systematically destroyed by man. What measures do you think should be taken to prevent further destruction?

Ludzie systematycznie niszczą ekosystemy. Jakie kroki powinny zostać podjęte, by zapobiec dalszej destrukcji naszego świata? Napisz rozprawkę.

We can scarcely turn on our television or pick up a newspaper these days without being confronted with yet another depressing news item about the environment. But while the problems of pollution and habitual destruction are obvious, the solutions are elusive. Moreover, serious attempts to halt the destruction of ecosystems must be made immediately.

First of all, people should not expect governments to provide all the solutions. Citizens must begin to recycle goods and packaging wherever possible, as well as buy only environmentally friendly products. Nonetheless, domestic food scraps should be recycled. By doing this we can reduce the amount of non – biodegradable waste being dumped at rubbish tips, thus ensuring that materials such as glass and plastic are not left in Earth which could be used as farmland in the future.

Another possible measure to combat industrial pollution would be the imposition of strict fines on wicked, greedy corporations and unfeeling, ignorant business which contaminate land, air or water. To be effective, the fines should be heavy enough to deter potential polluters.

Finally, governments should be far more responsible. All the governments provide have funds and technology to provide solar, wind or tidal power but they do not care about funding research to develop such sources or to discover new ways to produce energy.

In conclusion, the earth is suffe­ring as a result of our irrespon­sibility and of the destruction wreaked upon it by humanity. In my opinion, we should start thinking globally to work locally and make our world a better place.

  • scarcely – rzadko
  • elusive – nieuchwytny
  • halt – powstrzymać
  • food scraps – resztki jedzenia
  • measure – środek
  • contaminate – zanieczyszczać
  • wreak – niszczyć