We spend half of our life working to earn money, but money is not the most important thing in life. Discuss.

Spędzamy połowę naszego życia, pracując, by zarobić pieniądze, ale pieniądze nie są najważniejszą rzeczą na świecie – napisz wypracowanie, w którym ustosunkujesz się do tej myśli.

Money is certainly something which is often discuss in today’s world. However, it is highly debatable whether it is more important to have money than other considerations, such as health and hap­piness, which some people consider to be of greater significance.

To begin with, it is often argued that having money enables people to exert influence over others. Wealthy businessmen, although they seem to work 24 hours a day, are often the most highly respected members of society. As a consequence, money can be seen as the single most important factor in daily life.

Secondly, people work to have more and more money because they know that money can buy things, like home, car, good clothes, education and even health. If you have money you can afford the best hospitals and clinics. But the truth is, that despite the fact that money can pay for the best medical care available, this is no guarantee of a longer life.

On the other hand, people spend a lot of time in work, trying to earn as much as possible. They forget about their health, themselves and life outside the office. That is why one of the civilization illness is called workaholism. It describes a situation when a person is so obsessed with work itself that can not normally exist in the world without job anymore.

That is why in my opinion, money is an important factor in our life and work is the key to it, but they can not replace our health and relationships with the other people.