What could be done to improve the lives of the elderly? Write a composition.

Co możemy zrobić, żeby pomóc starszemu pokoleniu wieść godne życie? Napisz rozprawkę.

For many elderly people the latter part of their life is not a time to relax and enjoy retirement, but rather a difficult and unhappy period, owing to financial worries, failing health and loneliness. The elderly make up an ever-increasing percentage of society, which makes it more important than ever for a real effort to be made in improving the lives of senior citizens.

One way to deal with this situation would be to ensure that the elderly have enough money on which to live. A clear solution to the problem is for the government to make sure that the state pension is adequate for the needs. Walking this path, free financial advice should be made available to retired people so the stress of worrying about money could be reduced as far as possible.

Steps should also be taken to overcome problems the elderly face as a result of deteriorating health due to old age, and inadequate health – care provisions. The responsibility here should also fall to the government to provide access to the best health care available, which may necessitate paying for residential homes where the elderly can have round-the-clock nursing, or providing medication free of charge to all people over a certain age.

One final suggestion, which would help enormously, is to change the attitude of the community towards its older members, who are all too often seen as a burden on society and dismissed as having little to do with modern life. We need to be taught to respect the views of old people and appreciate their broader experience of life. This would help the society as a whole and encourage appreciation of the role that old people can still play today.

  • burden – ciężar, brzemię, obciążenie
  • ever-increasing – wciąż wzrastający
  • dismissed – odrzucony, wyrzucony, zwolniony (np. z pracy)
  • appreciation – uznanie, docenienie, wdzięczność