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Joanna Bator, who is a popular author of scientific articles, has recently written a very interesting book entitled: The Japanese fan. This book is a result of her 2-year visit to Japan as a tutor at one of Tokyo universities. She wrote it in a form of notes on her adventures that express notions on life in Tokyo and Japanese society.

First thing a reader may like about the plot of this book is the idea that came to the author spontaneously: she spent days walking in Tokyo streets, spying every person she found interesting. These people, unaware, led her to different districts of the city. The city shown in the book seems to be a big organism that changes all the time, never stays the same. According to Bator’s words, the shop on the corner she once noticed disappeared after two weeks and another one was opened. Such things were a daily routine in Tokyo: city of shabby houses, glass skyscrapers and earthquakes.

What makes The Japanese fan interesting is the author’s attitude to Japanese culture and mentality: she does not try to understand Japanese people and to behave like one of them. On contrary, she observes everything from the European’s point of view; she has a fresh look at the things, places and people she sees.

To sum up, this is a book for everybody who is interested in the world that surrounds us and other cultures, not only for people fond of „The Land of the Rising Sun”.

  • entitled – zatytułowany
  • tutor – wykładowca
  • notion – idea
  • plot – fabuła
  • district – dzielnica
  • shabby – odrapany
  • skyscraper – drapacz chmur
  • on contrary – przeciwnie
  • fond of – lubiący (coś)
  • entitled – zatytułowany
  • point of view – punkt widzenia
  • attitude – stosunek, nastawienie
  • to sum up – podsumować