Which of the recently seen movies would you recommend your friends? Write a review.

Million dollar baby is an exquisite, intricate movie for couple of reasons. First of all, the main character (Maggie) is starred by remarkable Hilary Swank, an Oscar winner for her role in amazing film Boys don’t cry. Second reason worth mentioning here is the director and actor – Clint Eastwood, well-known for his highly recommended western movies. Both of them appear in a picture and do a brilliant job.

The story of the movie turns up as simple: there is this old and tired of life coach, starred by Eastwood, who trains young and promising boxers. Frank is a man with a mystery and seems to suffer for the sins he committed in the past although we will not learn about them. Maggie is a 30-year old woman whose only dream is to become a boxer. These two meet and create almost unique friendship, full of loyalty and understanding. At the beginning film seems to be about boxing and winning on the ring but turns out to be a story about the tremendous difficulties our characters have to face and decisions that seem impossible to be made.

Although the story is moving and the great trio of actors (there is also Morgan Freeman as old boxer who helps Maggie a lot), plays brilliantly there are other things in this movie worth praising. The story is accompanied by catchy and soothing music. Also photography is worth mentioning: the scenes are full of shades and the atmosphere of life on ring is shown very convincingly.

All these features in my opinion make the film highly recommended. That is why, not surprisingly, it is this year’s Oscar winner.

  • exquisite – znakomity
  • intricate – zawiły
  • main character – główny bohater
  • starred by… – grany przez…
  • director – reżyser
  • turns up – wydaje się
  • suffer – cierpieć
  • commit – popełniać
  • tremendous – ogromny
  • to face – stawić czoło
  • praise – chwalić
  • soothing – kojący
  • catchy music – muzyka wpadająca w ucho
  • convincingly – przekonywująco