Why do people still do shopping in their local shops while they have much wider choice in big supermarkets? Express your point of view.

Dlaczego ludzie nadal robią zakupy w małych sklepikach, mając dużo większy wybór w supermarketach? Napisz rozprawkę.

Every year more and more supermarkets are built in the cities and there are more and more people visiting them. Meanwhile we still do our shopping in a local shop. How it is possible, that while people are being flooded with the big shop waves, they do not resign from buying things in small stores.

Since the first supermarkets appeared in the horizon, sociologists have been predicting the end of small local business. And although the local shop owners do not have as many customers as they used to, they can still afford to run their business. As we know from the advertisements supermarkets offer us everything we need and even more. They attract us with wide choice of the products, special promotions and huge discounts. Instead of spending hours in order to buy necessary things in a lot of shops we enter only one. What is more, after exhausting shopping we can go to the nearby café, watch a movie in a cinema and relax in a swimming pool. Everything under one roof!

However people still tend to visit their local shops every day and leave big supermarkets for weekend shopping. The reasons for that are deeply hidden in our strong feeling of community. A local shop owner is very often our neighbour, whom we have known for years. He always has fresh bread, tasty sausages and ripe fruit for us. While shopping we have a nice chat about weather or a serious conversation on politics.

In my opinion local shops are a part of our village or town community, when at the same time in supermarkets we are anonymous. That is why people will never resign from shopping in local stores.