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Zadanie maturalne

Przeczytaj uważnie artykuł, z którego usunięto pięć zdań. Zdania te wraz z jednym, dodatkowym zdaniem, które nie pasuje do żadnej luki, oznaczono literami A-F. Dobierz zdania tak, aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst. W każde puste miejsce wstaw literę odpowiadającą wybranemu zdaniu.

What’s new on the field?

What sports do you know? Perhaps soccer, basketball, volleyball, at the outside swimming, skiing, skating or scuba diving. Great. But have you ever heard of bossaball? Lacrosse? Underwater hockey? No idea what it is all about? Luckily, there is no need to worry. Let your hair down and be all ears. Let us turn over a new leaf and find out more about the most recent sports.

Karen, Belgium:
Bossaball is not very common. I am studying in Warsaw now and I do not know anybody who has ever practised it. (1) …………………………… The game is very spectacular as it takes part on bouncy inflatables to make the contestants jump as high as possible to smash or spike the ball with any part of their body and ground it on the opponent’s field. The rules are not very complicated as far as you remember not to touch the ball more than once with your hands and not more than twice with your head. What I like most about the game is all the atmosphere: the referees are called samba referees, they are equipped with whistles, microphones and various instruments to make all the game fun. (2) …………………………………….. Moreover, this sport was invented in Belgium – I guess it is obvious now why I enjoy it so much.

Michał, Poland:
The object of lacrosse is very simple – it is to toss a rubber ball into a goal using a stick with a net on the end. This stick is called in French la crosse, therefore the sport is called like that. The game does not require any special conditions as it can be played either oudoors or indoors – then on a special, artificial turf. I read once that the game is similar to the ancient Irish game of hurling.

(3) ……………………………………… For me it is a great adventure to play the game that originates from such distant times! I’ve played the game for the first time when I was in the USA at university.

(4) ……………………………… As I came back to Poland I gathered with my pals and we set up a team of 10 players to compete with another team we found in Wroclaw. I’m a goalkeeper – my object is to prevent the ball from getting into the goal. Sometimes it is very difficult to keep my composure on the field as some shots are very fast but I am trying to do my best. I can see the game is still gaining popularity. I hope one day it will be played in the Olympic Games!

Adam, Poland:
People sometimes think I am crazy when I confide I dream of playing hockey underwater. Many of them assume it is impossible. They ask me: ”How are you going to breathe, anyway? Have you got gills?”. That’s quite funny for me as the sport has been practised for over 50 years now! Everything you need to play the game is a diving mask, fins and obviously a snorkel to breathe properly. Most of the players are also equipped in mouth – guard as in a ”standard” hockey and gloves to protect hands against hurting by the impact of a puck. (5) ……………………………………… You usually play until the goal is scored. The game is certainly not very spectator friendly. To admire it you must either go underwater (using a snorkel, fins and other pieces of equipment) or watch it recorded by experienced videographers. Probably these obstacles make the best players in underwater hockey not very famous. But I do not care it much. I’d like to try it, anyway!

A. Only the sticks differ – in the ancient times people used sticks made of ash.
B. It’s quite popular there.
C. It combines elements of volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and capoeira.
D. It is one of the most difficult elements in the work of water refs who closely cooperate with deck refs to avoid it.
E. You must remember the puck is made of vulcanized rubber and though it weighs only approx. 170 g it can hurt quite painfully.
F. It is not a typical, competent sport – it’s all about being together, amusement, summer and so on.


Rozwiązanie i omówienie

1-C. Zaimek „it” odnosi się tutaj do bossaballu – to on łączy elementy siatkówki, piłki nożnej, gimnastyki i capoeiry.

2-F. Poprzednie zdanie mówi o tym, że bossaball jest raczej zabawą (fun) niż prawdziwym sportem. To zdanie jest wzmocnieniem i rozwinięciem tamtego.

3-A. W poprzednim zdaniu mamy mowę o tym, że ta gra jest podobna do starożytnego hurlingu. To zdanie zaczyna się od „tylko” – czyli tylko ten element, kije, różni współczesną wersję od starożytnej.

4-B. Tam, czyli w Stanach Zjednoczonych, gdzie autor był wcześniej. To, czyli lacrosse.

5-E. Tu wskazówkami są słowa kluczowe – krążek, waga, ból – odnoszące się do poprzedniego zdania.

Nie pasuje nigdzie D – wprawdzie tematyka wskazywałaby na tekst o podwodnym hokeju (wodni sędziowie), ale zaimek „to” wskazuje na to, że coś jest najtrudniejszym elementem ich pracy. Co miałoby to być? Ochrona przed uderzeniem przez krążek? I w tym celu ściśle współpracują z deck refs? Nie pasuje. Prawdopodobnie ta część zdania odnosiłaby się do oceniania.