Temat: praca

In the picture we can see a woman who is trimming the man’s hair. The details of the picture make me think it has been taken at the hairdresser’s. The man is sitting and the hairdresser is standing behind him. I guess it is her job because she looks very concentrated as if she was giving some advice concerning hair care to the man. In the background we can see some shelves and bottles but the interior of the picture is not very clear.

The man is in the foreground – he is much bigger than the hairdresser and there can be no doubt he is the most important person in this picture. He is quite young, in his twenties, I think. He is well-built and fair-haired. The hair is probably dyed one. He has got dark eyes and white teeth. The man is wearing a casual white shirt. He may work as a middle class employee.

The woman may be a bit older than him or just more tired. She has got long, dark, wavy hair and light blue top. She’s wearing a silver watch on her right wrist.

I think the man is asking some questions to her because her lips are half-open as if she was speaking.


Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  • Do you think the man likes his new hairstyle?
  • What is your opinion about the men who take much care of their appearance?


Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

1) I suppose the man is not sure if he looks well in his new hairstyle. He is smiling a bit and looking suspiciously in front of him, probably at the mirror. He may be asking some questions to the hairdresser and I guess the questions may be linked with the way he looks like. The woman’s face shows approval and perhaps she is convincing him that everything is all right. Although I am not sure, if the man likes his new look very much I can easily notice he is smiling – maybe he just likes the hairdresser and he is asking her to go for a date with him!

2) I like when the men care what they look like. In the past there was a proverb that “a man should be only a bit nicer than a devil”. Now I think it is not commonly used anymore. Many men who want to be regarded as professionals visit solariums, swimming pools and fitness clubs. They use anti-ageing creams and special shower gels. Thanks to this treatment they always look clean and fresh. I know some women disapprove of it, but I cannot understand their objections at all. I would rather my boyfriend did not look scruffy and did not smell sweat. Men should also remember that “the way you look the way people rate you”. If the man respects himself, he should take care of himself.
In my opinion so called “metrosexual” men who visit solariums and do their hair at the hairdresser’s are ridiculous and not male enough. For me a real man would never buy anti-ageing cream or body lotion. The real man should do a lot of excercises to be strong and to be able to protect his woman if there was such a need. The real man should also admire the woman’s beauty, not compete with her! Sometimes I watch the couples where the man owns as much cosmetics as the lady – I really sympathize with those women!