Opisz poniższą ilustrację i odpowiedz na pytania egzaminującego.

Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture I can see a teenager sitting on a bench. It might be in an open-air bar, because there is a plastic mug, probably with something to drink, next to him and there are some posters in the background. The most striking feature is the boy’s appearance. I guess he is a punk because of his hair style. A part of his head is shaven, a there is some hair dyed blond in the centre. He must have used some hair gel to make his hair stand up. He is wearing a T-shirt with some picture and an inscription which might say ‘total chaos’. He is also wearing red chequered trousers and high black boots, which look old and worn out and are traditionally very popular in this particular subculture.

Pytania do ilustracji (zamieszczone wyłącznie w zestawie dla egzaminującego)

  • What does the boy’s appearance tell you about his personality?
  • Do you believe that the first impression is the most important thing when you meet somebody?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora.

It is traditionally assumed that somebody belonging to a subculture and wearing very original, not ordinary clothes must be rebellious and brave. He opposes common trends in society and must fight fiercely to be accepted. Probably neither his parents nor teachers are very happy about the way he looks, so he must be an independent person. On the other hand, it might be quite the opposite. The need to be accepted and appreciated by some society (here it would be a subculture) makes this teenager wear some particular clothes, whether he likes it or not. Under this mask of a rebellious punk he might be sensitive and shy. In fact his facial expression tells us that he might be a bit frightened, frustrated or unhappy, perhaps because he is alone, not with his friends.

Yes, I guess the first impression is what really decides whether we are going to get on well with somebody or not. Especially when you start a new school or work, it is something that really counts. When you have an interview and there are a few candidates, it is really crucial what you look like. If you have clumsy clothes, or too heavy make-up, probably a different candidate will win the post. On the other hand, of course it happens that when you meet somebody for the first time, you don’t like his appearance, but after some time he becomes your best friend. It does not mean that it is not important what clothes or what jewellery you wear, because in the majority of cases that shows your likes, dislikes or interests. But sometimes very interesting people might just not pay attention to what they put on every morning.