Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture we can see a wedding ceremony. The ceremony is unusual because of its setting: it takes place on the beach, in some hot country, it might be for example on Hawai. The scenery is spectacular. In the background there are magnificent, dramatic mountains. The golden beach contrasts with turquoise water. The weather is beautiful: it is hot and sunny. We can see people that take part in the ceremony: the bride in a typical, beautiful, white wedding dress (but it’s a sleeveless dress as it is very hot) and the groom in a white shirt and elegant, black trousers. In fact, the man seems to be much older than the bride, it could also be the bride’s father leading her to the altar – and perhaps the groom hasn’t appeared yet? There are a lot of people: family and friends. Some people are taking pictures. We can see a kind of gate made of green leaves which decorates the setting or perhaps has the function of an altar. I imagine that perhaps the newly wedded couple could go through this gate at the end of the ceremony, but it might as well be just a decoration.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  • Why do you think the people are having their wedding ceremony in this place?
  • Would you like your wedding to look like the one in the picture?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi

Well, I guess it is fashionable especially among the rich to have weddings in unusual places or circumstances. I have heard about weddings on motorbikes or in a plane, so a wedding on the beach is just a milder version of a wedding adventure. Probably the bride and the groom treat this spectacular setting as the most romantic and memorable place for the wedding they can imagine and that’s why they opted for this Hawaian beach, but it might also be the case that they just want to show off.

I would love to! I think that the seaside is the most beautiful place for the wedding and it would be really romantic to exchange vows with a person I love in such a magnificent setting, much more memorable that standing in a cold church. I want to remember my wedding, so I would like it to be unusual, different from what everybody has. I can well imagine even a more unique wedding – for example under water. Why not? After all it should be a pleasure for us and our guests, and not a boring duty.
Well, not really. I’m very traditional and I have always imagined my wedding in a small church in the mountains, me and my partner, and perhaps our parents but definitely not more people than that! Religion is very important for me so I definitely want a wedding in a church. For me a wedding is a serious religious ceremony and the atmosphere should be solemn – it shouldn’t look like a barbeque!