Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture I can see a big demonstration. The atmosphere is really hot, although we are not in the middle of the summer – people are wearing spring clothes. There are crowds of people, mostly women, so we can asume that it is probably a feminist demonstration, or at least that the things that the women are protesting against concern them very deeply. It becomes clear when we notice that many of them are holding colourful banners on which there are some slogans, such as ‘Who decides’ or ‘Keep abortion legal’, so it is a demonstration against making abortion illegal. Some banners repeat everywhere, so probably they were prepared by the organization who arranged the demonstration, but some were definitely hand-made. In the foreground we can see some very young women, but there is also a man in the middle – which is not so striking because nowadays some men are feminists! All these people seem to be rather serious.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  1. Why do you think these people have come to this demon­stration?
  2. Do you think people can change anything in this way? Why?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi

There might be a lot of different reasons for people being here. First of all, some people would like to influence the politics and they feel that they can change things if they take part in such demonstrations. Some people just like to take part in any events and they can be having fun because something interesting is happening, they prefer this to staying at home! I guess there are also some people who are against and they just want to see their opponents, or use some ‘soft weapon’ such as tomatoes or eggs.

I think people can change a lot in this way. Demonstration means crowds of people showing their political views and polititians just have to notice the social attitude to some issues. Of course their is no guarantee that anything will be done, but politicians want to be accepted and supported so if a lot of people are of some opinion, than ignoring these people would mean losing their votes. If you don’t say anything, you don’t get anything.
I think it is not really the best way of changing what you want to change in politics. To be able to influence the government you should be a politician – an ordinary citizen means just one vote and this is too little to change anything. There are political parties, which enable people to really take part in politics and not just to show that they are unhappy. It seems to me that people who take part in such demonstrations are like children – they just want to play and have fun. It is hard work to be a politician and it is not really hard to take part in a demonstration! And some people are even proud of it!