Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture I can see a Halloween party which takes place probably at school. There are a lot of children dressed up as monsters, ghosts and vampires. There is a boy wearing a wizard’s hat and a girl in an orange costume of a tiger and a black wig. Her face is painted. The face of the man who is standing to the left of the girl is painted, too. He is probably a teacher, saying something with a microphone – probably telling children what is going to happen during the party or giving some instructions. In the front, on the floor, we can see a lot of orange pumpkins. Some parts of the pumpkins have been cut out so they look like faces. Some have candles inside, like lanterns. In the background there is also some pumpkin decoration on the wall.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  1. How is Halloween celebrated in the USA?
  2. Do you celebrate Halloween? How?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi

In the USA Halloween is a very important holiday. It is celebrated on 31st October. In the past people believed it was a day when the spirits of the dead went out to the streets. Now it is mostly fun for children. They dress up as witches, ghosts, vampires and monsters. Then they go from house to house and shout ‘Trick or treat’, which means that if you don’t give them anything they are going to perform some nasty tricks, so people give them sweets. Everybody carves pumpkins – there are even special competitions. They are carved so that they look like faces, and when you put a candle inside, the light makes them really vivid. You can put a pumpkin lantern in the garden. Some people have Halloween parties – they meet friends and have fun.

I hate the idea of celebrating Halloween, because it is not a traditional Polish holiday. For us the last day of October and the first day of November have traditionally been days of sadness and thought, when we remember people who have passed away. I hate the idea of a party because it seems people are making fun of the dead and of death. They take photos in coffins or with skeletons and usually go to pubs and drink a lot. I think it is tasteless and just another example of introducing foreign customs to our calendar, at the same time forgetting about traditional Polish ones.
I like Halloween and I celebrate it every year. First of all, I buy the biggest pumpkin available and try to make a funny face. I put it in my rooms with a few candles inside, so it gives very nice light. Usually I invite friends and we make a small party. We tell scary stories or we pretend there are ghosts in the room. Once we went to a club and there was a great Halloween party there. I dressed up as a ghost and my friend was a vampire. We painted our faces and we looked really frightening! Special drinks were prepared, with strange names, such as ‘Fresh vampire’s blood’ or ‘Pumpkin mix’. We really had fun. I don’t understand why some people would like to get rid of this holiday, if it just gives you an opportunity to have fun.