Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture I can see a man in a forest. Probably it is the end of the summer because the weather is beautiful but the grass starts to be a bit yellow. The man is wearing a white T-shirt, comfortable trousers and boots, and a cap which protects him from the sun. He is sitting on a big elk and holding a gun, so we may assume that he has just killed this elk and the picture has been taken to record this event. The man is smiling, he seems to be very happy and proud. We may guess that hunting is his favourite pastime. He is quite old and it seems that killing such a big elk is one of his biggest achievements.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  1. Why do so many people like hunting?
  2. Would you ever go hunting? Why/why not?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi

Firstly, hunting satisfies the need for contact with nature. It must be very nice to walk in the forest looking for the traces of animals and following its steps. Secondly, people need adventures, they need something different from ordinary life. When a hunter sees an animal the adrenaline level in his blood goes up, so he feels excited and brave. Finally, people want to feel successful. Shooting an animal is an achievement, something they can be proud of. That is why it is usually men who like hunting: it probably fulfills their dreams about adventures and success, it can also be traced back to the past when men used to hunt for food.

Although I like nature, I would never go hunting. For me hunting meens just killing innocent animals for pleasure. I think it should actually be forbidden, because it is the case when animals are killed although it is not necessary. A man and an animal are not equal partners because we have guns and animals don’t, so I do not see anything brave or masculine in this activity. For me it is pathetic and can be compared to beating a child who cannot defend himself.
If I had such an opportunity, I would probably go hunting. I have heard that some animals in the forest have to be shot to keep the balance in their habitat, so why shouldn’t I shoot them? Hunting has a long tradition: there are special clothes, rules and sounds conneted with it and it seems to be very interesting. Moreover, I think that we should try everything possible just to gain experience, and this is what hunting would mean for me: just another thing I have experienced.