Opisz poniższą ilustrację i odpowiedz na pytania egzaminującego.

Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture I can see two teenagers at KFC. They might be thirteen – fourteen years old. They are either a sister or school friends. On the table there is plastic tray with the characteristic KFC food – it may be hot wings stuff with French fries. There is also some coleslav salad in small container with KFC logo. One of the girl ordered ­a twister. At another table we can see a group of older girls. Probably they are also having lunch, drinking and chatting. All these people are sitting at KFC. In the background we can see counter bar and some people who are queuing to get their dishes.

Pytania do ilustracji (zamieszczone wyłącznie w zestawie dla egzaminującego):

  1. Do you think that the teenagers in the picture enjoy spending time at KFC? Why/why not?
  2. Do teenagers have to spend time at KFC and other fastfood bars? Is there any ­alternative to this kind of places?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

It seems that the teenagers in the picture really enjoy spending time at KFC. Probably they have been here so many times that they feel at ease and treat KFC just as a friendly place for lunch. Especially the girl on the left does not seem to be interested in her food. She looks like a little shy person. She obsrves her friend who smiles sitting straightened. Generally speaking they have fun both.
I think that although the girls in the picture are smiling and seems to be happy, the teenagers in the picture aren’t enjoy spending time at KFC. It is a place where they can meet and buy some cheap food, which they find very tasty, but KFC is not an elegant restaurant where you can meet some interesting people. On the other hand the girls are alone, not with their parents, and this is always attractive for teenagers.