Opisz poniższą ilustrację i odpowiedz na pytania egzaminującego.

Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture I can see a tenement house, probably somewhere in the south of Europe. The house has three floors and consists of three parts. The central part has light tiles, whereas the left and the right parts are painted pink. In fact they might be three separate houses as each has a separate entrance. The house is rather old but stylish. It has Meditteranean windows with window shades, two window on the roof are very small and romantic, there are also balconies with flowers and other plants in pots on every floor. There is an elderly woman standing on one of the balconies on the top floor. Downstairs we can see two bars with white sunshades. There are people sitting and having soft drinks or beer. There is a typical atmosphere for southern countries: the atmosphere of laziness, carefreeness, lack of hurry. It seems that all these people have nothing to do, even passers-by look as if they are going nowhere.

Pytania do ilustracji (zamieszczone wyłącznie w zestawie dla egzaminującego)

  1. Why do you think the woman in the picture is standing on the balcony?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in this kind of house?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

  1. The woman in the picture might be just refreshing herself in the fresh air because the day is warm and sunny. There is no garden here, so she is spending time on the balcony. She may also be waiting for somebody – for example for her grandchildren coming from school or looking at what is going on in the street. Her life might be boring, she may live all alone and that is why she might be standing there, trying to spot some interesting people or events.
  1. Living in a tenement house is a kind of compromise between a block of flats and a detached house. A big advantage is that you are not anonymous like in a big block of flats, you know well all your neighbours and you can turn to them if you need some help. You do not feel alone. On the other hand, this means limited freedom. You can’t do anything strange or extravagant because your neighbours are going to gossip. The place, in the center of a square, with two bars downstairs might also be noisy and the flats are probably not very spacious. There is no garden or open space for children to play on.