Opisz poniższą ilustrację i odpowiedz na pytania egzaminującego.

Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture I can see a lesson, so­me­whe­re in China or Korea. There are a lot of chil­dren sitting at their desks and a teacher is expla­ining something on the board. She lo­oks very se­rio­us. I think it looks like scien­ce les­son, because there is some diagram on the black­bo­ard, although it can not be seen cle­ar­ly. The children are quite young, pro­ba­bly abo­ut eight years old. They are li­ste­ning to the te­acher and writing things down in their no­te­bo­oks. Although they are small children, they are not talking with each other or play­ing, but silently listening to the­ir teacher. There are a lot of objects on the desks: books, ru­lers, rubbers, pens and pen­cils. In the class there is also a board with some information and pro­ba­bly pages from a school magazine.

Pytania do ilustracji (zamieszczone wyłącznie w zestawie dla egzaminującego)

  • Do you think the children are bored or interested in the lesson?
  • Did you like going to school when you were a small child?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

I think children do not really look in­te­re­sted. They are listening to the teacher because they have to, but the topic is probably not very in­te­re­sting and the children look bo­red. The les­son might also be difficult. For small chil­dren understanding dia­grams may be a pro­blem. They would rather see the things that the te­acher is tal­king about in practice, not only see them , but also touch them. The lesson is abstract and they are not ac­ti­ve­ly engaged.
I think the lesson must be interesting be­cau­se children are sitting peacefully and listening to the teacher. If they were bored, they would definitely be naughty. Probably they are very ambitious and they want to understand everything the teacher is say­ing.

When I was a child I really liked going to school. I loved meeting my friends and play­ing with them during the breaks. I liked lessons because I enjoyed learning new things. I loved my teachers be­cau­se they were helpful and friendly. We had a lot of interesting extra-curricular activities: sports, drama classes and choir.
When I was a child I hated going to school. Sitting at my desk for a long time was a ni­ght­ma­re. I was always afraid of getting a bad mark, because then my parents were very unhappy. I was very bad at maths and our teacher was so strict! She would always shout when I didn’t know how to do an exer­ci­se. Some lessons were really very bo­ring. I remember I just wanted to go out­si­de and I used to look through the win­dow all the time…