Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture we can see people taking part in a manifestation. There is a big slogan at the front which reads probably ‘National Organization for Women’. There are lots of people all holding round boards, on which it is written ‘Now’, and in small letters we can see that it concerns abortion. The people who are taking part in the event are mostly women. In the front we can see a man with a rucksack, but probably his photo was taken accidentally. We don’t really know where the manifestation is taking place – I guess it’s an English speaking country as everything is written in English. We can see some trees in the background and a road – I guess it must be in a city, as manifestations usually take place in cities or towns. The weather is good and it seems these people are enjoying the event.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  • What do you think these people are protesting against?
  • Do you sometimes take part in manifestations?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

Since the manifestation is about abortion, there are two possible solutions. One – it is for abortion. The other one – it is against. I think it is for women’s free decision concerning abortion, as this is usually what women’s organizations fight for. There are young women taking part, so I guess they would like to have freedom in deciding about their body.

I do when I feel I really wanted to protest. For example I took part in some ecology manifestations. I think it is brilliant because you can feel people around you think what you think and feel how you feel. So there is this feeling of solidarity. Also it is important for people to believe they can change something in the social life – or even in politics. I think everybody should go and express their opinions freely.