Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture we can see four people at the table. They are probably in the kitchen preparing food. In front of the picture there is a glass bowl containing vegetables. I can recognize some lettuce, some peas and perhaps some carrots. There is also a white bowl in the middle of the picture.

I suppose the people form one family – on the left there is a mother, next to her we can see her little daughter, there is a father behind the daughter and on the right we can see their son. The people seem to be very happy and amused. The little girl, who is wearing a red dress, is doing her best to place some pasta on the plates with a soup – ladle. She looks very concentrated. Her little brother is waiting nearby with a plate in his hands. Their mother is pointing to the pasta – she is probably giving some advice to the girl. The girl`s father is smiling. His face shows approval. I am certain he is proud of his little daughter.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  1. What kind of meal is it? Why do you think so?
  2. Do you sometimes help your family in the kitchen?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

In my opinion it is dinner. We can see a bowl with vegetables on the table and the girl is placing some pasta on the plates. People usually eat two or three courses for dinner. These are: soup and main course. Some people also have some sweets after dinner. Well – balanced main course consists of carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta or bread), meat (it can be replaced by fish, paultry or dish made of soya) and some vegetables.
In the picture we can see examples of carbohydrates and vegetables. I guess meat will also be served though we cannot see it in the picture. That is why I am sure it is dinner. Moreover, in many homes the whole family usually gathers for dinner to have it together and we can see the whole family in the picture.

Yes, I always help my parents in the kitchen. My mother works so when she comes back from work she must have the potatoes peeled, the meat washed and the shopping done. The housework is shared. My father usually does the shopping, my sister washes and sometimes fries meat and my task is to prepare the vegetables. Sometimes I just wash them and dry (e.g. lettuce), sometimes they need peeling (e.g. carrots) and sometimes, unfortunately, I have to boil them (potatoes!). Although I have a lot of moments when I`d like to do something else instead of being stuck in the kitchen I think it`s fair. Everybody should help at home!
I must admit I have never done any kind of housework, especially in the kitchen. Well, I sometimes clean my room but not very often, to be honest. My mother always cooks dinner and I just eat it.

If I had more time, I`d probably help her but I`m really quite a busy person. As soon as I finish school I go to a lot of classes – English, swimming pool, horse-riding, arts. I am seldom at home before 8 pm. My parents understand it and they don`t make me work at home. Sometimes I wish I could cook but I believe I will learn how to do it one day!