Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the foreground of this picture I can see a boy who seems to be flying in the sky with his skateboard attached to his feet. The boy is touching the skateboard with his right hand while his left one is pointing somewhere backwards into the clouds. The boy has quite dark complexion, he is tanned and well – built. He has got dark, curly hair, neatly trimmed, and he is wearing loose clothes: white and blue T-shirt as well as loose, baggy jeans. I can also see his greenish trainers typical for subculture of skateboarders, allegedly associated somehow in the past with the subculture of surfers. The boy seems to be very concentrated – I guess he is doing one of the skateboard tricks that requires a huge amount of concentration and fitness. The weather is fantastic, the sky is bright and there is no sign of the overcast day approaching. Beneath the sky I can see some white sand or other surface with a picture sketched or drawn on it. It is the picture of a monumental mushroom one can meet in fairy tales. It makes me think the boy is practising his grinding in one of the modern skateparks. In the background there is a concrete wall with a draft of the similar mushroom as well as the line of parked cars. The distance seems to be long enough to make the space perfect for sliding along on the skateboard. I assume the boy is feeling completely free and satisfied at this very moment of his brief flight in the air.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  1. Do you think that the boy will land safely on the ground?
  2. What is your opinion about extreme sports?


Przykładowe odpowiedzi

I am sure the boy will land safely on the ground. Although skateboarders are often presented in the media as disobedient rebels, most of them in my humble opinion are common, fit and responsible teenagers who train many hours every day to become champions in the sport they are keen on. Moreover, I am aware that the sport only looks very easy – you just slide on the board, is there anything that can bring more fun to you?, one can ask. I know professional skateboarding is as hard work as all professional sports are. Equipment to do this sport is not cheap, either: you will wear special helmet along with decks made of Canadian maple and special, loose trousers as well as sweatshirt or: you will not be perceived as the professional. The boy in the picture, as far as I can notice, is not wearing any of these – despite it all, though I used to be only a spectator of such sports, I believe in his skills and I hope his performance will have happy end when he eventually lands on the ground.

The first thing to be mentioned is that different people perceive different sports as extreme ones. For some of them scuba diving is regarded as such and for the others even storm chasing or paragliding will not be extreme enough. I suppose extreme sports are the kind of activities having a high level of inherent danger. I do my best to avoid dangerous situation and that’s why I would never go skidiving or bungee jumping. Some people may call me a coward but I don’t care much about it. I believe that each person is responsible for their life and should not put it at risk because of their selfish search for adrenaline. I am sure my parents would be very unhappy if an accident while practising any extreme sport became fatal for me. In my opinion most people who explore dangerous caves or go mountain biking at high speeds are “adrenaline junkies”, trying to escape from mundane rigours of their lives. I do not need to run away from anything. I am courageous enough to face up my day – to – day, sometimes a bit dull, existence.
I love all extreme sports. I have practised paragliding, mountaineering and surfing so far. When I am of age I would like to take up storm chasing and snow kiting. I find it fabulous. It is difficult to explain what is so seductive in extreme sports – probably it’s adrenaline rush you feel while you are trying to achieve mastery in unusual and exceptionally hard conditions. Some opponents of extreme sports say we, the participants, are “adrenaline junkies”. I don’t feel so. I like being on my own, meditating, meeting with friends and chatting, reading – but sometimes, out of a sudden, I feel as if I wanted to do something for myself, to feel the level of adrenaline and serotonine in my blood rise. My parents used to disapprove of my hobby but nowadays they are getting accustomed to it, I guess. They probably understood these activities are not reckless or, God forbid, suicidal – it is just the passion that makes you stronger and healthier. Moreover, everybody whom I know (including myself) does all his best to ensure his safety in all possible ways – the task is to achieve the goal, not just to put yourself at extremely high risk.

To Ci się przyda przy opisie ilustracji

  • Pamiętaj, że opisując ilustrację, używamy czasu Present Con­ti­nuous, np.
    He is flying in the air. – On lata w powietrzu. (zakładamy, że teraz)
    The man, who is flying in the air, is wearing loose trousers. – Mężczyzna, który lata w powietrzu, nosi luźne spodnie.