Przykładowy opis ilustracji

The picture shows a close-up of a flower and a bird. The bird is pointing with his bill to the inside of the flower. I am not sure what species of birds look like the one in the picture but I assume it might be a kind of a hummingbird. Hummingbirds are the tiniest animals in the world. Although most of them are famous for bright colours and the one in the picture is silver and grey with some greenish, iridescent plumage, I still presume it must be a representative of this group because of its elongated, thin, sharp bill as well as wide wings helping this animal to hover over the ground. The hummingbirds feed mostly upon nectar searching for it deeply in flowers. That is what the bird in the picture is doing. The flower, situated on the right-hand side of the picture, looks a bit like a Hibiscus: it is pinkish, conspicuous, trumpet-shape, with five quite broad petals. This flower is said to be one of the favourite ones for the hummingbird, that`s why I guess it might be Hibiscus.

The background of the picture is vague – I may only guess it consists of leaves or bushes but I cannot really recognize anything clearly.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  1. Where is this picture taken from?
  2. Do you agree that ecology is the most important task the human beings face nowadays?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi

This photograph might have illustrated an article in the newspaper about rainforests or ecological problems around the world. The hummingbirds are beautiful, cute and easy to recognize – therefore their images are frequently used to illustrate such kind of texts. The colours and quality of this picture seems to be very high – that is why I also suspect it could have been reproduced in millions of copies on popular postcards. Some people like buying such cards and, writing on them: “Best wishes, my dear” send them on different occasions to their family members. I do not perceive such obvious illustrations as very worthy but I know they have their fans. Moreover, it could have been taken by one of the travellers to the rainforest. This image is so simple and meaningful that such picture would be a brilliant souvenir for all explorers.

Yes, I strongly agree with such a point of view. In my opinion mankind is standing on the threshold of the total, ecological disaster and the only way to avoid it is to wake up early enough to save the Earth. Do you need any examples? Here you are: the shortage of fresh water is looming. Some scientists say it will be alarmingly cut withing 20 years. Most of people in Western Europe do nothing about it. The same about energy: the depletion of it has been noticed for 30 years. Who reacts? Not mentioning toxic waste flowing over poorer countres, e.g. China or India, oil leakage repeatedly happening near the most important seaports, air pollution and sewage problems in the rivers all over our continent. Taking all of that into consideration I cannot see any tasks more urgently waiting to be solved that the question of ecology.
No, I do not agree at all. I feel threatened all the time by ecological reports. Some people are obsessive with environmental issues and I am simply afraid of them, like I am simply scared of everybody who is obsessive with anything. Of course, we should be careful about the amount of water we use everyday or we should remember to turn the light off on leaving but I do not agree the ecological problems are the most important ones for the whole planet. We must deal very urgently with the matter of unfair division of products, extreme poverty in certain parts of the world and serious diseases causing millions of deaths every year instead of panicking about environment. The Earth has been facing pollution for ages and it survived. I believe it is able to handle with contemporary problems as well. And the image of oceans turning into acid or shrinking glaciers are just threats to control the masses of people, in my humble opinion.


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Jak zacząć opisywanie obrazka?

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  • There is/are a man/several people in the picture. – Na zdjęciu jest mężczyzna/kilka osób.
  • It’s a photo of a school/street/garden. – To zdjęcie szkoły/ulicy/ogrodu.
  • In the picture I can see … – Na obrazku widzę…
  • The photograph shows… – Fotografia pokazuje…
  • It’s a close-up of a flower. – To zbliżenie kwiatka.