Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture I can see four people. I guess they are members of one family as all of them are wearing very informal clothes – as far as I can see they are wearing pyjamas. The woman in the foreground is probably mother. She is sitting on the bed (I can see a tiny part of the checked pillow behind her) and smiling. She has got long, fair hair, closed eyes and light blue pyjamas. She is touching a teenage boy with her left hand. I suppose the boy is her son. He cannot be seen very well as he is turned back from the camera, looking directly into his mum’s direction. He has got dark hair. He is wearing a white T-shirt. His sister is playing with their father at the same time. She resembles her mother – she is also fair-haired. Moreover, she is wearing blue pyjamas, too. She seems to be very happy as her father is tickling her. The children’s father looks rather like his son – he is dark-haired, quite young, probably in his thirties. He’s wearing something white but I cannot recognize what it is. The man is to the right of the picture and his daughter is just in front of him.

In my opinion the picture does not look very natural as everything is white and blue. Even the background of the picture is very white, as if it was designed by a computer programme. This picture is probably taken from an advertisment, maybe the one of a washing powder as this is the item we associate with cleanliness.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  1. Where was this photo taken?
  2. How do you spend mornings with your family?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi

This photo was probably taken in a bedroom. I guess so because of pale colours seen in the picture as well as parts of bedding I am able to recognize. Besides, I do not think many adult people wear pyjamas walking at home if it is not the morning. People usually spend majority of their days in the living room or in the kitchen – just morning is time for cuddling, tickling and having fun together. The people in the picture are not combed neatly, the woman is not wearing any make – up and the man is not shaved yet. Therefore it also makes me think they have just woken up and decided to spend some time together. As I mentioned describing the image, this photograph could have been taken in a studio as well as it does not seem very natural. I am not sure about it, anyway, as there is an electric heater vaguely seen in the background of the picture. I do not suppose any photographer would let such an item be in the frame of his image!

When I was a child I used to spend all weekend mornings with my family. As soon as I woke up I rushed to their bedroom, jumped into my parents” bed, woke them up (they were not so early birds as I used to be, certainly) and we spent one of the most miraculous moments of the day together. We used to do a lot of things in my parents” enormous bed: they read me books for children, I drew pictures in special colouring books and we sang chants together. Nowadays I am much too old to jump into my parents” bed, I suppose, so every morning, either it is a week day or weekend, each member of my family gets up at different time, has breakfast at different time and then goes into his own direction. I miss the time of childhood very much but I know it is impossible to turn back time.
I love Saturday mornings with my family. At the weekend we have more time for one another and we do our best not to waste it. As I am concerned, I do not have to wake up very early so I normally appear in the kitchen about noon. I have cereals for my breakfast (on week days I eat sandwiches) and I go jogging with my mum. If she feels tired or the weather is really awful we stay at home but we never watch TV or play computer games. We always do something really relaxing, like playing board games or drawing each other’s funny cartoons. Of course, it is inevitable to do things like tidying up, hoovering or ironing for the whole week but we try to do it as quickly as possible and have some fun doing it, too. As I love cooking, on Sunday I am responsible for dinner. It is not always edible, frankly speaking, but it has never been a problem for my family. They are wonderful, I know!

O tym trzeba pamiętać przy opisie ilustracji przedstawiającej ludzi!

  • Siłą rzeczy skup się przede wszystkim na opisie wyglądu zewnętrznego (bo to widać).
  • Zastosuj logiczną kolejność opisu (np. od głowy do nóg, od ogółu do szczegółu itd.).
  • Nie zapomnij opisać ubrania osoby, o ile tylko potrafisz.
  • Jeśli chciałbyś opisać uczucia czy emocje przedstawionych osób, pamiętaj o zwrotach, I suppose, they seem to be itd.
  • Pamiętaj o kolejności użycia przymiotników wyrażonej skrótem OSACOM.
  • Opisując czynności wykonywane przez osoby na ilustracji, używaj czasu Present Continuous.