Przykładowy opis ilustracji

In the picture we can see a fish market. There are a few fish stalls under the roof. On the tables we can see various kinds of fish – there might be such fish as tuna, trout or salmon, but also some kinds of fish we do not know in Europe. We can also see other seafood – some mussels for example. We can also see the scales to weigh fish in the left corner, and in the central part, on the main stall there is a hose used to clean the fish. The fish looks really fresh and beautiful and there is a big choice. The market is somewhere in Asia because the people look Chinese or Vietnamese. In the foreground three men are looking at fish and talking, probably trying to buy the best fish on the stall. In the background there are people buying fish or just looking.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  • 1. What are the three men in the picture talking about?
  • 2. Do you like shopping in such places?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

1. What are the three men in the picture talking about?
I think the three men in the picture are talking about fish. They must be quarreling which kind of fish on the stall is better or fresher. People in Asia know a lot about food and it is interesting here because a lot of men are shopping for food unlike in Europe. They might be even sharing best fish recipes. It is very funny because they behave like women!

2. Do you like shopping in such places?

Well, I don’t really like shopping for food at all. I don’t like cooking and I never cook. I think it is boring. I like buying clothes or cosmetics and I can spend hours and hours in shopping malls, but when my mother makes me go and buy some chicken or vegetables, it feels like punishment. And if I had to buy food, I would prefer supermarkets. You don’t have to talk, but simply take what you need and put in the trolley.
I like open air markets and I prefer them to supermarkets. Supermarkets are hot and crowded and you can’t ask anybody about the quality of the product. Markets are completely different. On Saturdays I always go with my mother and sister to a big market close to our flat and we buy lots of good, fresh food. It is nice because we know the sellers and since they know we come every weekend, they always sell us best quality products and give advice. If they try to cheat us, we won’t return and they know how to buy a customer.