Temat: człowiek

In the front of the picture we can see two people. In the background there are white vases with yellow flowers in them. The people seem to be at the florist’s or at the summer house. In the second case the house owner must like flowers very much as there are a lot of them everywhere.
The man, who is standing on the left, has got white hair and some wrinkles on his face. He is smiling and looking straight at the younger woman on his right. She is bending her face towards him. I suppose she is thanking him for the flowers she had just received from him. The woman is wearing a white gown. The gown is very loose – that’s why I assume she might be pregnant. She’s got a big, black handbag on her arm.
The picture looks as if it was reversed – it makes it more dynamic.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  1. What occasion is it? Why do you think so?
  2. Do you like getting flowers on different occasions?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

1) In my opinion there is not any special occasion – the people in the picture are not wearing smart clothes, just casual ones. Moreover, they are at the florist’s and I suppose they would be at the elegant restaurant if it was their wedding anniversary or birthday. Perhaps they are celebrating an important event in their life – maybe they are married and she had just told him they were going to have a baby. As he is much older than her, it could also be her father. He might be congratulating her on passing the exam or finishing her studies then. It is aslo probable that they are colleagues and they are celebrating her promotion at work.

2) Yes, I love getting flowers on all possible occasions! I think it is a very nice custom. Flowers are not very expensive and most people can easily afford them. When I get more sofisticated gift on my birthday or name’s day I sometimes feel confused if I don’t like the present very much or if I know it is very precious one and the person must have spent a lot of money on it. Flowers never make me feel like that. When I get them I know only that someone cares of me and wants me to be happy. Of course the most welcome are flowers given without any occasion – I feel so extraordinary then!


No, frankly speaking I don’t like getting flowers at all. I like only very rare kinds of them and people usually bring roses, carnations or bunches of daisies. I know they have got good intentions but as soon as they leave I give the flowers they had brought to me to my neighbours or to decorate the church. If they had asked me, I would have told them to bring me a box of chocolates instead or a nice book. Buying flowers is just waste of money for me – you could buy so many great and useful things instead of them! Moreover, when I get flowers I feel as if someone did not spend too much time on thinking what would make me happy – it’s just very easy: you go to the shop, buy a bunch of flowers and visit someone. It’s not any effort. I don’t appreciate it much, then.