Temat: podróżowanie i turystyka

In the picture I can see three people. A black-haired woman is situated in the middle of the photograph. She must be a travel agent as she seems to be flicking through the holiday brochure that is open in front of her. I guess it is this kind of magazine because there are a lot of small pictures, probably the hotels and apartments offered by the travel agency, as well as short descriptions which cannot be seen very well from the reader’s distance. The woman in the foreground is wearing a light blue top with a big neckline. She is bending forward the table as if she was showing the pictures to the couple surrounding her on both sides. The man on the left – hand side of the travel agent cannot be seen very well as he is turned into his partner’s direction. I can notice only his fair hair and white shirt. He looks quite young but it is impossible to say precisely how old he could be. The woman to the right might be in her thirties. She has got quite long, fair hair and very white teeth. She is wearing a red shirt. She seems to be leaning on the table in front of her. The man is pointing to one of the pictures. Perhaps he likes the hotel in the photo.

In the foreground of the picture I can see some shelves with books on them. On some covers I am able to recognize flags and names of the countries. There is also a printer in the right corner. Therefore I assume the scene is taking place at the travel agency.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  • 1) Do you think that the people in the picture will accept the travel agent`s offer?
  • 2) Would you prefer to go on holidays organized by the travel agency or arranged on your own?



1) I think the customers are going to accept one of the hotels they can see in the holiday brochure. The woman is smiling and it is possible to perceive the state of dreaming in her eyes – she is probably thinking about exotic holidays at the moment and she will not find many rational arguments against the offer. I cannot see the man`s face well but I guess he will approve of his spouse`s decision. The men are not willing to quarrel in such situations, I suppose. The black – haired employee looks concentrated on her job – she must be convincing her customers at the moment. Even though she presents all the disadvantages of the holiday destination as well as advantages, the people will probably decide to book a place. They look tired with their work and willing to have an immediate rest.

2)  Certainly I would choose holidays organized by travel agency. I do not like arranging meals and accomodation myself and I do not find holidays the best time for toiling away. My the only dream is to find a relatively cheap all – inclusive hotel, book a place and then spend a fortnight walking to the sandy beaches, having romantic dinners and buying local souvenirs. I am sure only reputable travel agency can provide me with such luxurious holidays.
I am not fun of organized trips though I am aware it might be much more comfortable. Nevertheless, the self – organized tours provide you with more thrill than guided ones. I am searching on holidays mostly adventures and surprises and the five – star hotel situated next to the sandy beach cannot give me any of these. Therefore I seek for unexplored tracks, I hitchhike, meet unusual people and taste local cuisine. Does it seem dangerous or tiring? I can assure you it is not more risky than settling yourself in a hotel situated next to the highway (the picture in the holiday brochure did not include it) or in the neighbourhood of babies splashing around all night long in a hotel pool.

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