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Zapamiętaj zaznaczone zwroty! Będziesz mógł ich użyć także podczas Twojej matury!

In the foreground of this picture I can see two women riding bicycles. In the background there is a wide concrete alley with palm trees growing on its both sides. I am able to notice a white coach parked between two of them. In the far distance there are white lamp posts. Both of the women are quite young, I guess, but the one in the left corner of the picture seems slightly younger for me. She is wearing white trousers and a light blue top. Her hair is nicely tied in a ponytail. What surprised me was the fact that she is wearing rubber flip-flops, definetely not suitable for a bicycle trip. Another woman, situated right to the picture, is wearing a red top with a white stripe in the upper part of it, as well as pink trousers that end mid-calf. To my astonishment I can also notice flip-flops on her feet. In my opinion neither of the women is going to ride a bike for a longer time. Although they put their palm hands on the handle bars their feet are not even touching the pedals. They have mouth widely open and seem to scream. That’s why I assume the girls are either learning how to ride or just having fun.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  • Where are the women in the picture? Why do you think so?
  • Are more bike paths necessary in Poland? What is your opinion?


1) Both of the women are rather pale so I don’t think they are spending holidays in an exotic resort though I can easily notice palm trees in the background. On the other hand, they might have just arrived to the town. Wide alleys surrounded by palm trees situtated in the neighbourhood of hotel complexes with all its facilities (including car parks) are typical for tourist sites. Moreover, the girls` faces prove they are probably taking first steps in cycling – on their faces I can read as well excitement as a bit of anxiety, too. Holidays are usually good time for learning new things and taking new challenges. The women might have rented bikes from local “rent a bike” agency and now they intend to visit the neighbourhood on them.

2) I think there are much more bike paths necessary in Poland. Although only 2% of people in our society cannot ride a bike we have few cycle routes. The others must ride among cars and breathe with polluted air of Polish motorways or throng among lots of people on pavements in smaller towns. I believe I don’t have to convince anybody such riding is uncomparable to ralaxing ride on safe surfaces, among tremendous views of Polish unspoilt countryside. The latter is a thing we can easily promote abroad – if one read foreign tourist website Polish is regarded as a country of unique nature and wildlife. Bicycle would be a great mean of transport to visit it but… well, the lane on the motorway is not enough. Especially that drivers are not accustomed to slowing down and respecting the cycylists’ rights on the roads.
I think we have enough bike paths. I really detest all those ecological actions “Stop car traffic” etc. In my opinion those people should understand we do not live in the Middle Ages anymore and they should do their best to adapt to contemporary times. For me bicycles were good twenty years ago when not everybody could afford a car – now they have become only a weekend entertainment and should be treated like that. What about other outdoor sports we can do at the weekend? Has anybody heard of artificial hills for hang-gliders to practise their hobby out of natural mountains? Do we all campaign for building more professional swimming pools? Cycling is just a hobby and in my humble opinion cyclers should not have equal rights with drivers or pedestrians on the road.