Temat: sport

The photograph shows a man who is fishing on the bank of the lake or the river. The man is situated on the right-hand side of the picture. He is quite tall and rather well-built. He has got black hair and blushing cheeks. It makes me think he is fishing on the rather chilly day. I can see his neatly-trimmed, black sideburns sticking out from the hat. He has got also unusually thick eyebrows that make him look grim. The fisherman is wearing rather old-fashioned clothes. They are surprisingly smart if you take into consideration the fact that he is probably just relaxing on Sunday being on his own. On his head he is wearing a black top hat that matches his jersey vest very well. Under his exceptionally elegant vest he is wearing a white and blue striped shirt along with a blue tie. I cannot see his trousers very well but I guess they are of similar style, probably the suit ones. The man is not wearing a jacket – it makes me presume he had taken it off before walking to the lake. He also could have left it in the car or at home.

There is a thick group of bushes and thickets right behind the fishing man. There are some violet flowers among them. I can also easily recognize the lake which is reflecting the surrounding plants.
The most outstanding item in the picture is a float at the end of the man`s fishing rod – it is pink and white. The picture shows the float very detaily as if it was to astonish the people who will admire this photograph. Perhaps the man will catch the hugest fish in his life in a minute!

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  • 1) Will the man catch any fish before going home? Why do you think so?
  • 2) Do you like fishing?


1) I think the man will not catch any fish on that day but I do not think he cares. Usually, the people who are going to succeed in this leisure activity wear special clothes: waterproof fishing jackets or rubber wellingtons. As regards the man in the picture he is not wearing even casual clothes: his look makes me think it must have been a special day for him. Would he dress up like it if the most important thing for him was bringing home some giant fish? It sounds impossible. I doubt he is an angler, too. He may be just relaxing after a long, difficult day of family celebrations. If it is his tiny secret I keep my fingers crossed in anticipation that he does not bring any fish home. If he does, his family will find out how he had spent that day!

2) Yes, I find it a very interesting recreational sport. Most people I know cannot understand what interesting might be in staring all day long at the fishing rod but it is not so simple. To fish responsibly you have to be of age, you must know many local regulations, possess adequate equipment (not only rod but also reel, line or different kinds of baits) and skills to have any results. Although it may look like that for the people who have never been anglers themselves being successful in amateur fishing is not limited to the most patient people in the world. When you feel deeply immensed in this sport you do not find it dull at all – you are able to admire the nature that surrounds you at the lake or on the bank of the river, you are able to concentrate on your thoughts and emotions and brood over your recent decisions. I belive that the people who are unable to stop the rhythm of their life – are striving senslessly. Unluckily, they have no idea about it.
I just cannot understand how people can be attracted to such a sport. I find fishing one of the most boring activities man can imagine! What is it like? You just sit all alone with a fishing rod and stare at the blait floating somewhere beneath the surface of water. Your the only task is to kill some innocent fish and return home very contented – this barbarian deed brings you such a great deal of glory! I can call myself a live wire – if I had to sit on the bank of the river waiting for some fish to be caught I would feel cruelly tormented!


Uwaga – to Ci się przyda przy opisie ilustracji!

Opisując człowieka, pamiętaj o kilku rzeczach:

  • Skup się na wyglądzie zewnętrznym – stanu ducha i uczuć możesz się tylko domyślać, a generalnie na maturze opisujemy to, co widzimy na obrazku, a nie to, co zgadujemy (chyba że użyjemy odpowiednich wprowadzeń, np. she seems to be happy – ona wydaje się być szczęśliwa albo he looks sad – on wygląda na smutnego).
  • Opisuj zgodnie z logiczną konsekwencją i porządkiem, czyli najpierw ogólna charakterystyka wyglądu (ładny, brzydki, stary, młody itd.), potem cechy bardziej szczegółowe (kolor włosu, oczu), a na końcu ubranie.
  • Pamiętaj, że cechy wyglądu się ma
    She/he has fair hair and a fringe.
    a ubranie, nosi
    She/he is wearing a fawn jacket.
  • Nie zapomnij o otoczeniu człowieka np.
    There are two birches behind the man.