In the picture we can see two girls, probably in their twenties. They are standing in front of the mirror. It might be the mirror in a shop changing room or a big one placed on the wardrobe door. The girls seem to be trying new trousers on. The girl on the left is wearing a yellow top and navy blue jeans and the girl on the right is wearing a pink top and navy blue jeans, too. They are not delighted with their reflection, I guess. The girl on the left is frowning. In my opinion that is because she looks a bit fat in this model of jeans. The other girl, who has got a funny dimple, is touching her face with one hand as if she wanted to turn away from the trousers. The jeans are obviously much too loose for her.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

1) Do you think the girls will buy the trousers they are trying on?
2) Do you like buying clothes? Do you prefer buying them in department stores or small boutiques?

Przykładowe odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

1) Obviously the girls will not buy the jeans they are trying on. They seem not to like their reflection in the mirror. When women buy clothes they want to look great and the girls can easily see a lot of disadvantages of new trousers. In my opinion they will either ask for another size of the jeans or they will choose completely different model. If I were in their shoes, I would not buy the clothes either. In my opinion clothes should both fit you and suit you.

2) Yes, I like buying clothes very much. It is great fun to walk past the shops, look at the shop windows and admire lots of things displayed inside. I love going shopping with my friends. We try a lot of clothes in different colours, sizes and models on and – well, we often do not buy anything! But the fact is – buying is not the biggest fun in it! That`s why I choose only big department stores or shopping malls. In small boutiques shop assistants keep asking: “Can I help you, darling?”. It irritates me.
No, I don`t like buying clothes much. It`s boring for me. I don`t like trying the clothes on in changing rooms because I always feel as if they were cheating to me – I look great there and terrible when I leave! I buy something new only when I am really in need: I have nothing to put on or I want to buy a gift for somebody. Then I usually choose e-shopping. I just click on to accept the purchase and pay on delivery. It is easy and nice!