Temat: życie rodzinne i towarzyskie

The photograph shows three people sitting at the table and talking. The woman, who is sitting on the left – hand side, is probably in her thirties. She has got short, fair hair, white teeth and long, black lashes. She is wearing a red shirt. The woman is pointing her finger towards the girl sitting next to her. The girl is smiling and as she is opening her mouth it is possible to see the gap in her front teeth. She is wearing a light green top. In front of the girl there is a big piece of cake, probably chocolate one. The man sitting to the right of the girl is looking curiously at her piece of cake. Perhaps he is hungry, too. However, he seems to be rather thirsty as he is holding a cup of coffee in his hand. The man is wearing a white shirt. He looks quite young and relaxed. All three of them seem to be very happy. I guess it is a family Sunday morning. In my opinion they are having a great time together.

Przykładowe pytania egzaminatora

  • 1) Where are the family and what kind of meal are they having?
  • 2) Do you agree that nowadays families spend too little time together?


1) In my opinion the family are in the café. I guess so because if they were at home they would not sit at such a little table and parents would probably have something more than just a cup of coffee in front of them. I suppose it is just a street café, not an elegant restaurant, as they are wearing causal clothes and the cups as well as plates does not look very smart, either. Probably the family were on a walk and they decided to have a nice break. They might also celebrate their daughter`s birthday as she is the only person eating a cake. It looks as if they wanted to honour her. The piece of cake seems to be huge and I don`t suppose it is a normal portion for such a little girl. Moreover, the girl is looking straight at the camera – perhaps she knows someone is taking a photo of hers. Therefore I am almost certain it is a special day for the girl in the middle of the picture.

2) I do strongly agree with this opinion. I personally know many people who hardly ever see their family. The adults work long hours nowadays and young people pretend not to need more frequent contacts with their parents. Nevertheless, everybody should be aware of consequences such behaviour leads to: it is growing number of young people liable to violence, suicides, bullying or addiction. Many of them could have been saved if their parents had found time for them and had taken them to the cinema or bowling alley at least once a week to replace the virtual world most of them live in with the real one.
No, I am unable to agree with this opinion. I think such image of contemporary family has been created by media and it has not much in common with the reality. Times have changed for recent 10 years and the people who used to work 15 hours a day now have understood what is essential in life and try to spend as much time with their offspring as possible. I can observe such a trend among my friends` parents as well as my own ones. We spend really a lot of time together: every week my father takes me for a trip to the nearby forest. He has immense knowledge of biology and he is helping me to expand mine. My mother does not participate in our excursions as she has walking problems but she organizes wonderful Sunday meals instead. When we sit together at the table and laugh of the same jokes I really sympathize with the people whose parents choose career at that time!