Zapoznaj się z opisem trzech sytuacji.
Twoim zadaniem będzie odegranie wskazanych ról.

Uzyskiwanie/udzielanie informacji

Jesteś w Londynie i otrzymałeś informację o organizacji ekologicznej, która poszukuje wolontariuszy do sadzenia drzew w parku niedaleko miejsca, w którym mieszkasz.

  • Dowiedz się, jakie warunki musi spełniać wolontariusz i czy możesz się zgłosić.
  • Zapytaj o czas i miejsce spotkania.
  • Zapytaj, jakie ubranie i przyrządy będą Ci ewentualnie potrzebne.

E: How can I help you, sir?
S: I’ve just come across the information about your organization that is planning to plant some trees in the park in my neighborhood. I’d like to volunteer.
E: What would you like to know?
S: First of all, I’d like to know when and where exactly is the action taking place?
E: We start at 9 o’clock on Sunday in the southern part of the park.
S: May I join the action then? I am avail­able on Sunday? Or maybe there are some conditions I should comply with? Do I need any special equipment?
E: There is only one condition: you have to bring your own gardening gloves and appropriate shoes.
S: Great, I’ll be there, Sunday at 9.
E: Don’t be late, see you on Sunday!



Władze miejskie planują rozwinięcie linii autobusowej. Oznacza to jednak, że autobusy będą przejeżdżać na pętlę pod Twoim blokiem. Uważasz, że jest to niedobre ­rozwiązanie.

  • Powiedz, że nie jest to dobry pomysł i podaj argumenty.
  • Zaproponuj inne miejsce na pętlę, oddalone od bloków mieszkalnych.
  • Odrzuć przytoczone argumenty przedstawiciela władz miejskich.

E: The city council with a group of specia­lists decided to set up a new terminus in Genewska Street. As we think the ­neighbourhood of that street lacks bus routes. We have heard that you have some strong objections.
S: Well, personally, I think this is a really bad idea.
E: And you disagree with the opinions of experts?
S: That is correct. I’m sorry, but I am sure that the new terminus will completely destroy the beautiful surroundings of Genewska Street. It’s one of the oldest parts of Warsaw. Picturesque houses and lovely crooked streets will change into streets with ugly buildings filled with bus noise. Greenery will disappear and people will still drive their cars, because it’s a VIP area.
E: But the town needs to develop, it’s a very modern project we are talking about.
S: I understand, but development cannot mean destruction. Besides, there are other areas that need to be developed as there are new apartments for people being raised, like the one in Olszynka Grochowska. What is more, the people living there need public transport to get to work and school but no bus line is operating there.
E: OK, we will take your voice into consideration, but I can’t promise you anything.


Relacjonowanie wydarzeń

Brałeś udział w spotkaniu z okazji Dnia Ziemi. Opowiedz o swoich przeżyciach grupie znajomych z Anglii.

  • Opisz miejsce, w którym odbywało się spotkanie.
  • Opowiedz o przebiegu spotkania.
  • Określ ogólnie swoje wrażenia.

E: There was also something interesting happening in Warsaw on the WHO Earth Day. Tell us something about this event.
S: The meeting I wanted to tell you all ­about took place on the 18th of April in Warsaw. It was organized by the World ­Health Organization. Students from all high schools in Prague – came to Haller ­Square in northern part of Warsaw. It is the central square of this district so whole neighbourhood knew there was something big happening. There were many on­lookers and passersby were stopping to see what was going on.
The meeting started with a short play „Save Prague – Recycle”, which students from one of the Prague high schools have prepared. It was great and the ­audience cheered and clapped. Next, ­representations of schools prepared speeches so we all felt like in Hyde Park in Speakers’ Corner. After that, some groups sang ecologically ­friendly songs, which they had specially written for that occasion. At the end, resolution on how to help recycling in Prague, between the schools, was singed.
The meeting was a great success. In my opinion, this was the first big step for students of Prague to take. They showed that they know that they can help keeping the Earth cleaner for ­longer while taking care about their ­neighbourhood.
E: It really sounds like something.