Temat: człowiek

Uzyskiwanie i udzielanie informacji

Na ulicy spotykasz swoją dawną nauczycielkę angielskiego. Zapytaj:

  • co u niej słychać,
  • czy ma kontakt z innymi uczniami,
  • czym się zajmuje.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający.

S: Hello Mrs Black. What a surprise to see you here. How are you?
E: Oh, hello, Alice. I’m fine, thank you. What are you up to?
S: Just waiting for my friends. Do you still remember John? We’re going out together.
E: So you’re a lucky girl! Are you still in touch with some of the people from our group?
S: Generally no, but I bump into some of you once in a blue moon. Are you still teaching at our school?
E: No, unfortunately I have my own sworn translator office.
S: Oh, that’s really great.
E: I really must go now I have an important meeting in a moment. It was nice talking to you.
S: Good bye Mrs Black.
E: Good bye Alice. Take care.



Odebrałeś z lotniska ciocię, której wcześniej nie poznałeś. Opowiedz:

  • jak miałeś ją rozpoznać,
  • jak przebiegało spotkanie,
  • jaki był rezultat spotkania.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: Did you manage to pick that aunt of yours from the airport?
S: It wasn’t easy. I was supposed to recognize her because she has blond bob hair and glasses. But she was wearing a pony tail. Luckily she has recognized me. She was the one that approached me.
E: I heard she is Australian did you have any problems with understanding her Polish?
S: At the beginning I found it difficult to understand her accent but we spent the whole way home talking and I quickly got used to it.
E: So how is she?
S: She seems like a really nice person. We get on well, although we do not have much in common. Beside sometimes it’s a great opportunity to practise my English.



Dzielisz pokój z przyjacielem. Chcesz przemeblować pokój dla wygody.

  • Zaproponuj inne ustawienie mebli.
  • Nie zgódź się z argumentami kolegi.
  • Zaproponuj inne rozwiązanie.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający.

S: I was thinking about rearranging the desks in our room. We ­could put them both beside the window, so we can both take the ­advantage of the day light while studying.
E: But what about computers?
S: Just think about it. It would be great playing games sitting face to face.
E: I am not sure. I got used to this arrangement. I’m not in the mood for making a mess.
S: Just say “yes” and I will take care of it.
E: Give me time to think about it until tomorrow.
S: Oh, don’t be so serious. It’s only about desks. If you don’t like it, I will move them back.