Temat: państwo i społeczeństwo

Uzyskiwanie informacji

Chcesz ubiegać się o stypendium na uczelni.

  • Poproś, aby wyjaśniono Ci, jakie warunki musisz spełniać.
  • Opisz, co już zrobiłeś, aby móc się o nie ubiegać.
  • Zapytaj, ile czasu trwa procedura.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: Hello. How can I help you?
S: Hi. I would like to apply for scholarship but I’m not exactly sure if I’m doing everything to get one. I understand that the basic rule is that I need to have very good marks but what more do I need?
E: You should have only best marks from your major subjects and have at least 4.5 from English. It’s good if you belong to any student clubs or organisations connected with your field of interests. Well written motivational letter and a bit of luck is also required.
S: Yeah, of course. Is there any age limit?
E: No, as far as I know there is not, as long as you are a student.
S: How long does the procedure take?
E: Usually it takes about one week when we go through the red tape.
S: Until when should I present all the documents?
E: You should do it as soon as you pass all of your exams and definitely try applying before holidays.
S: Right. Thank you very much.


Relacjonowanie wydarzeń

Opowiedz koledze o niemiłym spotkaniu ze strażnikiem miejskim.

  • Wyjaśnij, czemu wpadłeś w kłopoty.
  • Opisz, jak przebiegało całe wydarzenie.
  • Wyjaśnij, dlaczego jesteś teraz zły z tego powodu.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający.

S: Yesterday was my unlucky day?
E: Why is that so?
S: Can you imagine I got in trouble with a city guard for not being at school when I was coming back from my GP?
E: You’re kidding.
S: I’m not kidding, I’m furious. The guard asked for my documents and took me in his car to school because he thought I was ­playing truant. Can you imagine me getting out of guards car in front of school?
E: It doesn’t sound too good.
S: All of my friends were looking out of our classroom window. I felt really embarrassed.
E: Wasn’t there any way to talk out of it, before the guard has put you in the car?
S: All he wanted was to see the doctors leave for that day but I didn’t have it because my father took it with him.
E: You were really unlucky.


Nie chcesz iść na mecz siatkówki na halę, wolisz obejrzeć go w domu.

  • Wyjaśnij, dlaczego nie chcesz iść.
  • Podaj argumenty za zostaniem w domu.
  • Odrzuć argumenty kolegi.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: I don’t understand you. It’s such an important event and you want to stay home?
S: Last time when I went there some hooligans scratched my fathers car just because they didn’t like our plate.
E: Maybe it won’t be that bad this time?
S: I don’t want to check it. I’m not crazy about volleyball to sacrifice myself just to see it with my own eyes.
E: Oh, stop exaggerating.
S: Watching a match with a group of friends at home, ordering pizza is not such a bad idea.
E: I’m not saying that it but you have to learn how to enjoy life.
S: Exactly, not to think how not to get into trouble because you’re wearing the wrong colour of T-shirt.
E: You’re getting melodramatic.