Zapoznaj się z opisem trzech sytuacji.
Twoim zadaniem będzie odegranie wskazanych ról.


Uzyskiwanie informacji

Polecono Ci dobrą restaurację, zadzwoń tam i dowiedz się:

  • czy przyjmowane są zamówienia na wynos,
  • jakie dania wegetariańskie są oferowane,
  • czy zawsze przed przyjściem należy rezerwować stolik.

Rozmowę rozpocznie egzaminujący.

E: Aquiera restaurant, how can I help you?
S: Hello, I’d like to receive some information on your restaurant. May I ask you some questions?
E: Certainly, madam.
S: First, I would like to know whether it is possible to order a take away meal from your restaurant.
E: I’m afraid, it’s not.
S: It’s not, OK. What about vegetarian dishes on your menu, are there any?
E: Yes, of course we have vegetarian dishes, starting with appetizers and ending with desserts.
S: Oh, that’s great. I have one more question to end with. Do I always have to book a table in advance before coming?
E: Yes, I’m afraid you have to madam. We are one of the most popular restaurants in town.
S: You’ve been very helpful, thank you.
E: My pleasure.


Relacjonowanie wydarzeń

Gdy byłeś ostatnio u kolegi, jego mama podała nadzie­wane pomidory. Ponieważ danie to bardzo Ci sma­kowało, opowiedz swojemu tacie, jak się je przyrządza.

Rozmowę rozpocznie egzaminujący.

E: You wanted to tell me something about a delicious dish you have recently eaten, is that so?
S: Yes, I even remember the ingredients. To prepare stuffed tomatoes we need tomatoes, onion, garlic, some olive-oil and parsley.
E: It sounds nice, how do you prepare it?
S: First, dad, you wash the tomatoes and cut off the tops. Then take out the flesh with the spoon. Put the empty tomatoes on a baking tray. Finely chop the onion, garlic and parsley. Add them to the tomato flesh. Put some rice and one cup of olive-oil to the mixture; sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon. Fill the tomatoes with the mixture and cover them with their tops. After that, you put the tomatoes in pre-heated oven and bake for about 50 minutes. It’s really easy to prepare and tastes delicious. We could try preparing it for a dinner.



W Twojej szkole planowane jest ustawienie na korytarzach automatów do coca-coli. Jako przedstawiciel uczniów przekonaj radę rodziców, że jest to zły pomysł. Przedstaw argumenty przeciw tej propozycji.

Rozmowę rozpocznie egzaminujący.

E: Could you present us your arguments against installing cola vending machines in our school.
S: Firstly, I would like to point that scientist have already proven that sodas make people more aggressive and block concentration spans. What we all know is that cola is not healthy and it doesn’t stop us feeling thirsty. What’s more, school is supposed to promote healthy living habits and putting these machines in our school is against this policy. School also should protect its students against developing digestive problems and even becoming overweight what is surely going to happen if we have vending machines with cola in our school. Last but not least, I have a question what are the school authorities planning to do with coke cans scattered all around school?
E: Thank you very much. I’m sure the school council will take your arguments into consideration.
S: Thank you.