Temat: praca

1. Uzyskiwanie i udzielanie informacji

Przechodząc ulicą, widzisz ogłoszenie o pracę wywieszone w witrynie sklepu z ubraniami. Jesteś zainteresowany ofertą. Zapytaj:

  • o rodzaj pracy;
  • o liczbę godzin tygodniowo;
  • ile wynosi wynagrodzenie.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający.

S: Good morning. I saw your advertisement. I’m looking for a temporary, part-time job. What kind of job are you offering?
E: I am looking for somebody who could stand behind the counter in the mornings and take care of the stuff. Are you still interested?
S: Yes, I am. I study at an evening school so working in the morning is a perfect option for me. How many hours a week you think I would have to work and what time would I start?
E: I think about twenty hours. I open at 10 am and you would finish at 2 pm.
S: And what would be my wage?
E: Around 100 pounds a week.


2. Relacjonowanie

Opowiadasz koledze, jak spędziłeś część wakacji na kelnerowaniu w barze swojego znajomego. Opowiedz:

  • ile zarobiłeś;
  • jak wyglądała Twoja praca;
  • jakie są Twoje wrażenia.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: I’ve heard you spent some time during holiday working. Tell me how was it?
S: Actually, I found it really interesting but tiring.
E: Tell me something more about it.
S: I worked at my friend’s restaurant as a bartender for two months. Every morning I had to sweep and mop the floor in front of and behind the bar and lay all the pads on the counter before first guests came. Then I checked if I had all the drinks and juices. When the guests started coming I always had to be ready with the prices and drinks of the day. Finally I had to clean the glasses and lay them again after the guests have left.
E: Did you like it?
S: Yes, a lot. Although the work was exhausting and I sometimes had to be busy as a bee, it was pretty enjoyable and most of the guests used to leave me tips!


3. Negocjowanie

Prosisz znajomego nauczyciela języka angielskiego, aby ten spotkał się z Tobą na kilka lekcji konwersacji. Zapytaj:

  • czy mógłby spotykać się trzy razy w tygodniu;
  • ile kosztowałyby zajęcia;
  • czy spotkania byłyby w Twoim domu.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający.

S: What do you think, could we meet three times a week?
E: I don’t think I could find time during the week.
S: Would it be possible to meet every Saturday or Sunday afternoon for three hours then?
E: It’s a good idea. I’m free around five on Saturdays.
S: How much do you charge for one lesson?
E: Usually 20 pounds.
S: If we meet for three hours, could you think about charging me a bit less?
E: Let’s say, every third lesson is for free.
S: Great. Can we meet at my place?
E: Sure, I know the address.