Uzyskiwanie i udzielanie informacji

W czasie pobytu w Anglii rozbolał Cię brzuch. Dzwonisz do lekarza.

  • Poinformuj go o swoich dolegliwościach,
  • Dowiedz się, czy może ci pomóc,
  • Dowiedz się o możliwość konsultacji.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: Hello, how can I help you?
S: Hello, I have a terrible stomachache. My stomach hurts a lot, I’ve vomited couple of times but I still feel a bit dizzy and have temperature. Could you please tell me what I can do to make me feel better?
E: For how long have you been feeling bad?
S: Since the morning but I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.
E: It sounds like something more serious. Is it possible for you to come today for a check up?
S: I don’t really think so. Can I do anything by myself now?
E: You should drink some still cola and restrain from eating until you stop feeling dizzy.
S: Thank you very much.



Byłeś świadkiem wypadku drogowego. Opisz:

  • Gdzie i kiedy miał miejsce wypadek,
  • Jak do niego doszło,
  • Kto i jak ucierpiał.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: I’ve heard you actually saw the accident yesterday?
S: Unfortunately, I was just coming back from school and stepping off the bus in front of my house when I heard a car yanking. It showed up that some passengers from the bus started crossing the street but one of the drivers passing the bus didn’t notice them.
E: Did anyone get hurt?
S: One of the people crossing the street was hit by the car. He was taken to a hospital. Nobody in the car was injured.



Twoja angielska znajoma nie ma humoru. Postaraj się ją rozchmurzyć.

  • Zaproponuj wspólny spacer i pogawędkę,
  • Odrzuć jej odmawiające argumenty
  • Zaproponuj rozmowę z psychologiem.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

S: Why such a long face.
E: Well, I’ve been feeling very low recently. Nothing makes me happy.
S: It can’t be that bad. If you have time for a little chat, let’s take a walk.
E: But the weather is horrible. It is going to rain! And I feel I’m such a bore.
S: Don’t say that. I find you the most amusing and interesting person. Nobody tells jokes like you. I think it is in the weather, that you have such a bad mood. But if you feel really low, maybe you should try seeing a doctor, like a psychologist. He can be a better listener and will advise you something useful.