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Uzyskiwanie informacji

Jesteś w Nowym Jorku, kupiłeś biurko i chcesz, aby dostarczono Ci je do domu, w którym się zatrzymałeś.

  • Zapytaj, w jakim terminie będzie ono dostarczone.
  • Podaj swój adres.
  • Dowiedz się, ile będzie Cię to kosztowało.

Rozmowę rozpocznie egzaminujący.

E: How can I help you?
S: I would like to have my desk delivered to my flat as soon as possible. Could you help me with arranging the details of delivery?
E: Certainly.
S: Could it be delivered today or tomorrow?
E: I’m afraid not. We will be able to deliver in not sooner than the day after tomorrow.
S: It’s a pity, but if it’s the only option what can I do. At what time will it be delivered?
E: Would you prefer to have it delivered in the morning or in the afternoon?
S: Morning sounds good to me.
E: Is ten o’clock OK?
S: Yes, it’s fine. How much will it cost?
E: It depends on how far from the store you live.
S: I live on Staten Island, 50 Fort Street.
E: So it will cost around $25, cash on delivery.
S: That’s great. I’ll be waiting the day after tomorrow at ten o’clock, thank you.


Relacjonowanie wydarzeń

Rodzice odwiedzają Twój nowy pokój w akademiku, opisz jak wyglądał ten pokój wcześniej.

  • Opisz meble, którymi różnią się te dwa pokoje.
  • Opowiedz o tym, jak przebiegała przeprowadzka.
  • Określ ogólnie swoje wrażenia.

Rozmowę rozpocznie egzaminujący.

E: So that’s your room, new room, I really like it. Why did you decide to change it in the first place?
S: The one I got now is better equipped. The supervisors have not only painted some furniture but also replace it and put some new pieces here and there. As you can see I have a nice comfortable sofa. They have also changed my desk, but it is the same old one which was here for years – they’ve just painted it red and attached couple of drawers inside, so I can keep all my favourite magazines there. Finally, they have hung a few shelves for my books so I don’t need the horrible black book case any more, that’s why they threw it out as well as the table which used to take up half of the space in this room. At the end, I have reorganized the furniture myself. I have put my desk and armchair near the window and opposite I installed sofa. I think it looks both practical and fabulous now, don’t you think so?



Chcesz przynieść do domu kota ze schroniska, przekonaj rodziców.

  • Przekonaj, że jest to dobry pomysł, podając argumenty.
  • Zaproponuj podział obowiązków.
  • Odrzuć przytoczone argumenty rodziców.

Rozmowę rozpocznie egzaminujący.

E: Cat in the house brings a lot of troubles. First, who will take responsibility of him, second, it is a cat from shelter, what, if he has a disease or is ill – mannered? Besides, we have never had an animal in a house, what if he destroys our expensive furniture. Finally, where are you going to play with him and how to feed him?
S: First of all, this is a healthy cat. He has his health card and besides, was treated very well in the shelter. What is important he is very young, which means that we can train him not to touch things. I promise, I will look after him when I am at home, and when I am not you can keep him in my room. If he destroys something, I will take the responsibility and repair it or pay for it. I am going to play with him in my room or in the park nearby. The owner of the shelter told me how to feed him, he can eat the same food as we do, really. Besides, having a cat in house keeps you in a good mood – scientists have already proved it.