Temat: żywienie

1. Uzyskiwanie informacji

Polecono Ci restaurację, zadzwoń tam i dowiedz się, czy:

  • przyjmowane są zamówienia na dania na wynos,
  • jakie dania wegetariańskie są oferowane,
  • czy zawsze przed przyjściem należy rezerwować stolik.

Rozmowę rozpocznie egzaminujący.

E: Santorini restaurant, how can I help you?
S: Hello, I’d like to know whether it is possible to order a take away meal from your restaurant.
E: I’m afraid, it’s not.
S: It’s not, OK. What about vegetarian dishes on your menu, are there any? I’ve heard that Greek restaurant specialize in meat.
E: Yes, of course we have vegetarian dishes, starting with appetizers and ending with desserts.
S: Oh, that’s great. I have one more question to end with sir. Should I always book a table in advance before coming?
E: Yes, I’m afraid it’s recommended, madam. We are one of the most popular restaurants in town.
S: You’ve been very helpful, sir, thank you.
E: My pleasure.


2. Relacjonowanie

Byłeś w nowej pizzerii i polecasz ją swojemu koledze. Opowiedz:

  • co Ci się podobało,
  • jakie dania mógłbyś polecić.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający.

S: I have to tell you about a nice Italian restaurant I’ve been to recently.
E: Really, what’s so great about it?
S: Oh, basically everything. The service is nice and helpful, the food is delicious and fresh and the prices are low considering the quality.
E: Sounds fantastic.
S: You should go there and try their spaghetti carbonara, it’s the best spaghetti in town. Not mentioning their mouth watering salads and creamy tiramisu.
E: If you give me the address, I might check it out.


3. Negocjowanie

Twoja znajoma chce szybko schudnąć, nie jedząc.

  • Przekonaj ją, że to zły pomysł.
  • Zaproponuj inne rozwiązanie.
  • Zachęć ją do aktywnego trybu życia.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: I want to lose some weight by not eating at all. Do you think it is a good idea?
S: Certainly not! When you stop eating your muscles will learn to save up the energy and never need new one which means you will not lose weight.
E: That’s terrible! What should I do?
S: Why don’t you start eating more fruit and vegetables which are fibre rich and quit on sweets and fats. You will have a lot of energy and will quickly lose few kilos.
E: But I want to see the results as soon as possible!
S: Then, why don’t you start some fat burning sport, like jogging, swimming or joga.