Temat: żywienie

Uzyskiwanie informacji

Kolega prosi Cię o poradę dotyczącą jego współlokatorki.

  • Wysłuchaj jego skargi.
  • Postaraj się udzielić mu kilku rad.
  • Opisz, co Ty byś zrobił w takiej sytuacji.

E: I really need your advice. My room mate is making me crazy. She shouts to her cell phone all the time not minding she might be disturbing me. I‘ve already tried to talk to her but it seems she has forgotten all about our conversation.
S: If I were you, I would look for a different room. Living with her is just unhealthy. Meanwhile try to make her life as miserable as possible. Try playing music loudly whenever she answers the phone.
E: That’s a bit too extreme, but I’ll certainly look around for a new place.
S: I can ask few friends if they know something.


Relacjonowanie wydarzeń

Opowiedz o spotkaniu z dawno niewidzianym przyjacielem.

  • Opisz, kogo spotkałeś.
  • Napisz, jak teraz wygląda.
  • Jakie cechy charakteru udało Ci się zauważyć?

E: So, you have met an old friend.
S: Yes, what a coincidence, we haven’t seen each other for about four years. Can you imagine walking into your local shop and meeting your best school­mate, who is supposed to be abroad. We had such a nice chat and promised to stay in touch.
E: That’s something. Has he changed much?
S: Well, not much. He has the same smile and posture. His hair is still wavy and fair. But he has become more open and confident. I really like the way he changed.



Chcesz iść na basen, a kolega namawia Cię do pójścia do kina.

  • Przekonaj go, dlaczego nie warto iść do kina.
  • Powiedz, co moglibyście robić na basenie.
  • Odrzuć argumenty przyjaciół.

E: It’s so hot let’s go to the cinema and spend great time in air conditioned auditorium.
S: Maybe we could go to the swimming pool instead? In the cinema we will spend ninety minutes in cool air and than we will come back to the heat. At the swimming pool our organism will cool and the heat won’t bother us anymore. Besides there is nothing interesting in the cinema now. I don’t want to waste my money.
E: You sound reasonable.
S: What’s more we’ll pay less for the swimming pool ticket than the cinema one.