Has the time changed family life in Britain for better? Describe and discus.

Czy czasy zmieniły życie rodzinne w Wielkiej Brytanii na lepsze? – Opisz je i wyraź swoje zdanie.

British society keeps on changing and the same happens to the British family. While ‘typical’ family used to consist of parents and two children, now the changes that have appeared in the society are so big that caused even revision of law.

As the law made a divorce easier to achieve, the number of marriages splitting up has increased. Now one in every three marriages ends in divorce. Another change in a society pattern is connected with the fact, that people live longer nowadays, which means that many old people live alone in their houses, following the death of their partners.

What is more, relatives do not try to keep in touch as they used to do. However, holidays like Christmas are traditional time for reunions. Members of the family travel many miles in order to spend this family holiday together. What is interesting, parents treat their children more as equals, which leads to a greater freedom but lower responsibility as adults do not devote enough time to bring the offsprings up.

To conclude, in modern society of XXI century it is hard to stay stiff and traditional, old rules have no arguments to exist. ‘Typical’ British family has not much in common with relative gatherings, five o’clock tea and Sunday barbecue in the garden. A lot of place for individual wishes and dreams but not much is left for warmer feelings.