What problems do students have to cope with at school?

School is supposed to be a friendly place for a student who should like it and feel safe in it. Unfor­tu­na­te­ly, it is only a theory be­cau­se sometimes the reality is com­ple­te­ly different. Even in best schools students face all sorts of problems because there are no ideal schools as there are no ideal people.

One of the most serious school pro­blems is the relation between students and teachers. Although there are more and more good teachers, some conservative and intolerant ones don’t even try to un­der­stand young people. A lot of stu­dents complain that they are unjust, malicious and too strict. There are still teachers who give lessons in a traditional way, which means that stu­dents have to listen and take notes. Such teachers neither let students discuss nor express the­ir own opinions. Some of them care more abo­ut students’ improper haircut or clo­thes than their know­led­ge.

Another problem some students find difficult to cope with is the way they are assessed. The school records should be plau­si­ble and well-founded so that stu­dents could feel that the assessment of their work is objective and fair.

Students have to deal with stress which accompanies school life since the beginning of primary school. It is connected with nu­me­ro­us tests and exams, which are a ne­ces­sa­ry element of school education. The higher the pressure of the family, the higher the student’s stress. Those with we­aker character may find it difficult to re­sist the pressure and may turn to drugs and alcohol in order to relieve stress.

A lot of students complain that they have too many lessons at school and they have too much work to do at home. Every teacher thinks that his or her subject is the most important one and gives as much ho­me­work as possible. Students have to manage their time wisely to be able to take up leisure ac­ti­vi­ties.

Another very serious problem stu­dents have to cope with is violence at school. Ol­der students happen to bully younger ones in order to reinforce their status in a peer gro­up. There are also numerous cases of robbery at school. More and more stu­dents have their mobile phones or other modern gadgets stolen at the school area.

Although there are so many problems students have to cope with at school, I think the majority of them can be easily over­co­me. They are not very different from the pro­blems our parents had to face.


Przykładowe pytanie, jakie może zadać egzaminator.

Do you think marks are the best way of evaluating students’ work?

In my opinion the best solution would be the assessment written by a teacher. It wo­uld be his or her opinion about the pro­gress students make at school. Ho­we­ver, I realize that although it works well in the first years of primary school, it might be difficult to introduce to older students. Marks are a go­od way of evaluating school work pro­vi­ded the criteria are clear and well-
-founded. They can encourage students to make progress and to achieve better and better results. They show the weakest and the strongest points of a student and help him organise his work.
cope with something = radzić sobie z czymś