Why do governments create national parks? Are you for or against this idea?

More and more politicians and heads of state issue decrees about increasing national parks or creating new ones. It is obviously a very good sign of the fact that the ecological awareness of society is rising. It would be difficult not to agree with this policy as well as to be against national parks.

A national park is an area under special care. It is a place which is protected from the bad influence of civilization – industry, motorways and the excessive interference of man. Such undertakings can help us to save some endangered species. A lot of rare birds in Poland e.g. black storks, herons, eagles, falcons find there a perfect place to build their nests and hatch eggs. Special care is taken to keep the water clean so that the fauna and flora of the springs and lakes can be saved. All plants are protected and given good conditions in which to grow.

A national park is an area left in its natural state. For example in Białowieski National Park all sorts of branches, boughs and trunks which were brought to the ground by a storm or strong wind are never removed and people just let the nature be. All of these form the unique climate of a primeval forest which becomes a safe home for animals. It is a place where the ecological balance of a natural habitat is preserved.

Moreover, a national park is an amazing place for nature lovers who can spend hours there exploring and contemplating nature. It’s also a perfect place for those who want to relax, escape from civilization and breathe the fresh air.

I absolutely approve of the creation of national parks but I know that a lot of people who live in their neighbourhood are opposed to them. They can’t establish any industrial plants or build motorways. Farmers who live on the boundary of national parks complain about animals that destroy their crops. But I believe they should invest more in tourism which is probably their future and their chance for prosperous development.

People have already polluted the environment to such an extent that it’s high time they began to think more about nature. National parks are the perfect place to preserve everything that hasn’t been destroyed yet.


Pytanie, które może zadać egzaminator

What is your opinion about zoos? Do they play as important role as national parks?

I definitely prefer a national park to a zoo. In national parks animals are free; they live in their natural environment whereas in the zoo they are imprisoned in cages. I don’t believe wild animals are always happy in captivity. Besides, there are so many irresponsible visitors who tease them and feed them junk food. Nevertheless, I can see some positive aspects of zoos as they provide protection for endangered species, educate people and improve public attitudes towards the animal kingdom. They are also an excellent place for people to relax and escape from the stress of their everyday lives.