Why have computers become indispensable in the contemporary world?

Computers have revolutionized the way people work, study and entertain themselves. There are so many benefits of computerization that we can’t imagine our life without them.

The computer is an important tool in almost all scientific researches and its great influence on science and technology is unquestionable. It takes minutes to do complicated mathematical calculations or carry out scientific analyses. Computers are useful not only for gathering data but also for processing it.

They are used in factories for controlling and analyzing industrial processes. Furthermore, computers have become an integral part of cars, trains, ships and airplanes.

They can be designed for wrongful purposes such as weapons as well as noble ones such as medicine. Doctors make use of them to perform surgeries or make medical diagnoses.

We can not talk about computers without mentioning the Internet with its unlimited possibilities. Thanks to the Internet the modern world has become a global village with no borders and distances that cannot be covered. It unites people and makes their lives easier.

It is a very cheap source of information and a perfect way of getting in touch with people around the world.

It offers a range of network services, such as libraries, archives, shopping centres, banks, travel agencies and even marriage bureaus and support groups. It also provides entertainment; you can watch films, listen to music and even visit art galleries or museums. One of the aspects of the Internet which is especially appealing is that it guarantees anonymity. It is easier to join a chat or discussion group if you don’t have to reveal your personal details.

The Internet is the symbol of the 21st century and people today, especially young ones, can’t imagine their life without this invention.
Computers seem to have a great impact on almost every sphere of people’s lives and a modern society depends greatly on them. They not only make our lives easier and safer but also more enjoyable.


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What are the disadvantages of using The Internet?

I think it is easy to become addicted to the Internet. It offers so many possibilities that a lot of people spend more and more time surfing the Net, chatting or playing online games. Moreover, every time you send an e-mail or surf the Net you can be watched. There is always the risk of catching some kind of virus which can damage your software, especially if you do a lot of downloading. Shopping on the Internet can also prove to be risky, as you are sometimes asked to give your personal details.
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