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What is your attitude to fashion? (psychotest)

What is your attitude to fashion? Everyone of us thinks about what we wear. Answer the questions below and find out what fashion means to you. 1. You moved to a new place and tomorrow’s your first day at a new school. A. You wear the most shocking clothes you have. B. You wear something you think you look good in. C. You try to get something that kids in the area wear.

Temat: zakupy i usługi

Temat: zakupy i usługi Uzyskiwanie i udzielanie informacji W najbliższy weekend chcesz wybrać się do klubu. Podczas przerwy w zajęciach zapytaj znajomego londyńczyka o: dobre kluby w Londynie, gdzie znajduje się najlepszy klub, możliwość dojazdu do niego. Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający. S: I would like to have fun this weekend, could tell me something about the clubs I could go to in London. E: Great maybe we could go together. I


When you go abroad, you want to do some shopping, don’t you? There are some things you have to know before you set off! First of all, you have to be aware that in countries where it’s very hot, most of the shops have siesta. In Spain and in Greece, for example, all the shops are closed from 2 pm till 5 pm. Drinks and food can be only bought