Sooner or later everyone of us wants to give a party. It’s fun but sometimes something may go wrong. What to do, how to organise the whole event to avoid problems before, during and after the party?

Seven steps to a perfect party

Step 1
Convince (przekonaj) your parents! Make a promise that everything will be all right. But remember: keep the promises otherwise it will be your last party ever. What may convince them:

  • there’ll be no alcohol;
  • nobody will smoke;
  • You won’t destroy anything;
  • You will clean after the party.

Step 2
Think of a main subject for your party. It’s good to give people you invite something to look forward to.

  • Fancy dress party? Cool, but it may be even more interesting if you tell your friends what’s the password.
    For example, everybody dress up as animals, historical characters or plants.

Step 3
Before the party think who you are going to invite and prepare a nice way to tell them about it.

  • Write small invitations with a nice pattern (don’t forget to put the date, address and your name).
  • Invite people you know. It will help to avoid many problems.
  • Count carefully people that are to come. It’s important for food, drinks and room in your flat.

Step 4
Food and drink makes a party so prepare everything precisely (dokładnie).

  • If you want it to be cheaper, ask everybody to bring some food. It’d be fun if you decide to one type of food, e.g. Italian, Spanish, sweet food, salads, maybe potato dishes.
  • If you prepare food on your own, remember about snacks like crisps or fruit.
  • Surprise your guests and prepare small fancy sandwiches. Bread, an egg, olives should ok. You could also bake small cookies with fruit and cream.

Step 5
Music – it’s one of the most important things of every party!

  • First of all, make sure that no CD will be destroyed or lost!
  • Use your CDs or cassettes and those which are brought by your friends.
  • Plan music for the first half an hour. Later on play songs your guests want to hear (you can ask them to write titles on a piece of paper).

Step 6
Decoration – a party is a special event so make your flat look special as well.

  • Balloons are universal items but read the labels carefully! You don’t want to celebrate somebody’s wedding without
    a reason.

Step 7
Cleaning after the party is as much important as cleaning before it.

  • Ask your friends, or at least one of them, to help you. Ask them before the party begins so they aren’t surprised!
  • Buy big trash bags and cleaning products. Be aware that stains (plamy) on a carpet are something common during a party.