• bus – autobus
  • tram (BrE), streetcar (AmE) – tramwaj
  • underground – metro
  • the Tube – metro w Londynie
  • taxi – taksówka
  • taxi rank – postój taksówek
  • taximeter – taksometr
  • bus stop – przystanek autobusowy
  • at the bus stop – na przystanku autobusowym
  • request stop – przystanek na żądanie
  • bus station – dworzec autobusowy
  • ticket machine – automat do sprzedaży biletów
  • fare – opłata za przejazd
  • How much is the fare to… – Ile wynosi opłata za przejazd do…
  • seat, place – miejsce
  • bicycle, bike – rower
  • motorbike – motorower
  • moped – motorynka
  • get on the bus – wsiąść do autobusu
  • get off the bus – wysiąść z autobusu
  • Can you tell me where to get off? – Czy może mi Pan/ Pani powiedzieć, gdzie mam wysiąść?
  • get into a taxi – wsiąść do taksówki
  • get out of the taxi – wysiąść z taksówki
  • miss the bus – spóźnić się na autobus
  • The number 116 bus runs to the city centre. – Autobus linii 116 kursuje do centrum miasta.
  • The number 400 bus doesn’t run on Sundays. – Autobus linii 400 nie kursuje w niedziele.

In my opinion bikes, motorbikes and mopeds are the best means of transport in a big city. You do not have to pay fares and spend hours in traffic jams. I rarely take the bus or the tram. I hate waiting at the bus stops and then being squeezed in a crowded bus where there are hardly ever any empty seats. Underground is also a good solution for a big city. It is a convenient and reliable way to get where you want. I sometimes have to take a taxi but I find it definitely too expensive. I usually stare at the taximeter with horror and before I get out of a taxi I promise myself to avoid this means of transport.

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