Know the celebrity

You may like her or don’t, but you surely heard about her!

Gosia Andrzejewicz, was born on the 14th of January 1984 in Bytom. Music was always present in Gosia’s life. When she was a little girl she sang during school performances but also took part in many contests (konkursy). In the High School she sang with a jazz-pop group. When she left the band she discovered her creative talent and started writing melodies and lyrics for her songs. In 2004 her debut album “Gosia Andrzejewicz” was released (ukazał się). Gosia wrote most of the lyrics! In 2005 Gosia with Ivan and Delfin group took part in Eurovision Contest in Kiev. It was a very important moment for her. She met many people who offered her cooperation. On the 17th of November 2006 she released her second solo album “Lustro”.

Why do we like her?

  • She is a very beautiful young woman and she is nice as well.
  • Her songs talk about real life, love and disappointments (rozczarowania).
  • Gosia’s voice is very beautiful and she sings really well. She is great during the concerts so you are never disappointed (rozczarowany).
  • When you have a problem with a boy (or a girl), Gosia’s songs will help you express yourself (wyrazić siebie), for example “Before you say” (Zanim powiesz).
  • Gosia’s songs are very romantic and you can use the lyrics to tell somebody you like him/her.
  • Gosia writes lyrics for most of her songs. When you listen to her, you know her reactions are true.
  • You feel down? Listen to Gosia. Her songs give so much strength in difficult moments.
  • Gosia’s songs are very romantic and touching.
  • Her American idol is Mariah Carey.
  • She would like to sing with Justin Timberlake!
  • Gosia is a very positive person. She loves smiling and being happy.