living room/sitting room/lounge – salon, pokój dzienny

  • coffee table – stolik
  • armchair – fotel
  • rocking chair – fotel na biegunach
  • sofa/settee – sofa
  • couch – kanapa
  • cushion – poduszka
  • shelf/shelves – półka/ półki
  • wall units – meble segmentowe
  • cocktail cabinet – barek
  • TV set – telewizor
  • remote control – pilot
  • hi-fi equipment – sprzęt hi-fi
  • amplifier – wzmacniacz
  • speaker – głośnik
  • video recorder – magnetowid
  • picture – obraz
  • plant pot – doniczka
  • net curtains – firanki
  • curtains – zasłony
  • carpet – dywan
  • fireplace – kominek
  • chandelier – żyrandol
  • floor lamp – lampa stojąca
  • radiator – kaloryfer
  • air conditioning – klimatyzacja

bedroom – sypialnia

  • bed – łóżko
  • double bed – łóżko dwuosobowe
  • quilt/duvet – kołdra
  • blanket – koc
  • pillow – poduszka
  • sheet – prześcieradło
  • bedding – pościel
  • mattress – materac
  • night table – stolik nocny
  • alarm clock – budzik
  • bedside lamp – lampka nocna
  • chest of drawers – komoda
  • wardrobe – szafa na ubrania
  • closet – szafa wnękowa
  • dressing table – toaletka
  • rug – dywanik

study – gabinet, pokój do pracy

  • desk – biurko
  • swivel chair – krzesło obrotowe
  • computer – komputer
  • keyboard – klawiatura
  • mouse – myszka
  • printer – drukarka
  • scanner – skaner
  • bookcase – biblioteczka, regał
  • table lamp – lampa stołowa
  • wastepaper basket – kosz na papiery

children’s room – pokój dziecięcy

  • cot – łóżeczko dziecinne
  • children’s bed – łóżko dziecięce
  • bunk bed – łóżko piętrowe
  • toys – zabawki
  • teddybear – miś pluszowy
  • doll – lalka
  • puppet – kukiełka
  • rocking horse – koń na biegunach
  • board game – gra planszowa
  • LEGO blocks – klocki LEGO
  • children’s book – książka dla dzieci

kitchen – kuchnia

  • fridge – lodówka
  • freezer – zamrażarka
  • dishwasher – zmywarka do naczyń
  • sink – zlewozmywak
  • dish rack – suszarka
  • tap – kran, kurek
  • cupboard – kredens
  • cooker – kuchenka
  • oven – piekarnik
  • microvawe oven – kuchenka ­mikrofalowa
  • pressure cooker – szybkowar
  • fryer – frytkownica
  • mixer (US: blender) – mikser
  • food processor – robot kuchenny
  • mincer – maszynka do mielenia
  • toaster – toster
  • pot – garnek
  • saucepan – rondel
  • frying pan – patelnia
  • casserole – naczynie do zapiekania
  • lid – pokrywka
  • kettle – czajnik
  • coffee maker – ekspres do kawy
  • kitchen scales – waga kuchenna
  • dishcloth – ścierka do naczyń
  • kitchen table – stół kuchenny
  • stool – taboret
  • waste bin – kosz na odpadki

dining room – jadalnia

  • table – stół
  • chair – krzesło
  • high chair – krzesło do karmienia dziecka
  • tablecloth – obrus
  • sideboard – kredens
  • dining room suite – komplet mebli do jadalni

bathroom – łazienka

  • washbasin – umywalka
  • bath, bathtub – wanna
  • shower – prysznic
  • shower cubicle – kabina prysznicowa
  • towel – ręcznik
  • washing machine – pralka
  • dryer – suszarka
  • bathroom cabinet – szafka łazienkowa
  • mirror – lustro
  • hair dryer – suszarka do włosów
  • toilet – muszla klozetowa
  • toilet paper – papier toaletowy
  • tiles – kafelki


living room/ sitting room/ lounge
It was my birthday last week and my Mum let me throw a party at home. Our lounge is quite big so I could invite a lot of people.
The party started at 8 p.m. and everything seemed OK. I have good hi-fi equipment, an amplifier and powerful speakers, which are the essentials for a good party. I put some cushions on the floor because six chairs, two armchairs and a sofa wouldn’t be enough for such a crowd. We danced a lot and had a great time.
But next morning I saw some wine stains on the carpet and a broken flower pot. I quickly cleaned the carpet but unfortunately, mum discovered other stains and some scratches on the coffee table. She was really furious.

My bedroom is always untidy. I forget to make the bed or put my clothes into my chest of drawers or my wardrobe.

When my friends visit me I take them to the study. There are comfortable swivel chairs, a desk with a computer and a bookcase.
The room is not as cosy as the bedroom but it is always tidy.

children’s room
When I’m tired and want to relax I usually go to my sister’s room. She’s only 7 years old and she has the nicest room in our flat. It’s not big but it’s sunny and comfortable. She has plenty of teddy bears, puppets and dolls. I usually play board games or build castles from LEGO blocks, or I sometimes read children’s books to her. There’s also a rocking horse, but I’m too big to use it.

Although we have a well furnished dining room, we usually have dinners in the kitchen. My parents love cooking and they have everything that is important for a good dinner.
We have not only an electric cooker, an oven and a pressure cooker, but also a fryer, a food processor and a mixer.
My mother has already bought all sorts of frying pans, pots and saucepans. But she says she still needs a new casserole and kitchen scales. Our kitchen table is not as big as the one in the dining room but we prefer to eat in the kitchen because we have everything at hand. A coffee maker if we want more coffee, or a microwave oven if the food is too cold and needs warming up.

dining room
What I like most in her house is the dining room. There’s not much furniture in the room: only a round oak table with comfortable antique chairs and an impressive sideboard. The floor is covered with a Persian rug and there’s a crystal chandelier at the ceiling.
The absence of accessories keeps the look simple and elegant.

I’m going to redecorate my bathroom. It’s very small so I’m going to get rid of the bathtub and have a shower cubicle installed. I’m also thinking of changing tiles because I’m bored with the red ones. Everything will be black and white. I’ve already seen reasonably priced bathroom cabinets. I’ll also change the mirror as I need a bigger one. Fortunately, my washing machine is quite good and I don’t need a dryer. But I’ll buy black and white towels because I want them to match the tiles and the furniture.

other rooms
We need a new flat because our present one is too small for us. Every member of the family should have his own bedroom. I also want to have a store room where I could keep an iron, a drill, a broom and a vacuum cleaner. I’d like to have a utility room because I hate the sight of a washing machine and a dryer in the bathroom. It would be nice to have a larder next to the kitchen and a separate play room for children.

a garden
My mother loves being outdoors in the fresh air, and she never gets tired of working with plants. We have a beautiful garden with flower-beds and a vegetable patch. It is surrounded by a high hedge. There is a small garden shed where my father keeps a lawnmower, a rake, a hoe and a spade. I also like spending my leisure time in the garden, but I prefer to relax on a deckchair. My parents have been thinking about a swimming pool and a greenhouse. I think it’s a very good idea.